7 Most Aesthetic Anime Girls Which Are Quite Pleasing

Anime Girls are always the hot topic of every new show that comes out now be that it’s not an action anime because we watch that for a whole different reason.

People love to debate over who is the best girl in a show which is, Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes we’re given hints and we argue over who would win.

Recently the anime Rent-A-Girlfriend had the whole internet riled up over how the MC doesn’t deserve the best girl.

There are many seasonal anime shows that rise in popularity for having the best girl.

Aesthetic anime girls are not very common, In my opinion, they’re the main reason why you keep watching the show. Even if you feel like this show is headed nowhere and it’s not fun to watch, you stick because you found a new waifu or the best girl of this season.

Aesthetic Anime Girls:

1. Zero Two, Darling in The Franxx

Aesthetic Anime Girls
Zero Two

Darling in the Franxx is a show which came out in 2018 that blew the anime community. This is one of the big examples of how a show gains popularity with the combination of action, Sci-fi, romance, and the best girl element.

Zero Two in the show was always one unique and mysterious girl people were intrigued by, from the moment she first appeared on the show to the last moment Zero Two was always the best girl of the show.

Her childlike personality and tortured past drove into her state of solitude to the point she never cared for anyone but herself, which gradually started to changed as her character progressed and she was accepted the group.

How could you hate someone like that who just fought to keep herself alive and did whatever she could to make the situation better for herself.

2. Eru Chitanda, Hyouka

Aesthetic Anime Girls
Eru Chitanda

There is always something unique about some of anime girls which we can’t quite understand or rather we don’t try.

Hyouka is a show which most people find quite interesting due to it’s unique approach to high-school animes where the literature club students of Kamiyama high-school enjoy their lives by solving mysterious.

Eru Chitanda is among the four main characters in Hyouka and she was quite the curious personality that our main character is thrown off his game trying to satisfy her curiosity.

she initially joins the literature club to recollect the memories of her uncle and later becomes the club president because the club didn’t had any members, she first appears in the club room where she is locked in.

Her appearance, her personality always captivated me back when i saw Hyouka, She’s always intrigued by the deductive abilities of Oreki.

3. Chise Hatori, The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Aesthetic Anime Girls
Chise Hatori

Fantasy animes always excited, There is something about the shows that just stand-out the amount of time i have been disappointed by fantasy animes just hit deep.

Especially they have the power to create something new, introduce new possibilities i don’t watch fantasy animes for the romance or the action in any way, I just like to experience something new.

Chise Hatori is a girl who could attract spirits of good and evil, she was known as a Sleigh Beggie which are rarest magical users that even to this day are unheard of, they possess the abilities of a Mage and a Sorcerer.

She lived a happy life as a kid both her parents had the gift of sight, as a Sleigh Beggie she attracted good and evil spirits which drove her mother insane to a point she even tried to kill her.

She was bought by the ancient Mage for 5 million pounds after she sold herself into slavery to become the apprentice and wife of the Ancient Mage.

4. Kino, Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

Aesthetic Anime Girls

Tho i haven’t seen the prequel of this series but i don’t feel like that’s necessary to watch this sequel.

Kino’s Journey is one of those few amazing anime shows that you stumble on by pure coincidence but the uniqueness of this show is absolutely amazing and captivating.

Kino along with her Trusty Talking Motorcycle Hermes is a traveler. They travel the lands and visit cities and countries going on long adventures, the world is full of new and fascinating things “life is a journey filled with the unknown

Kino and Hermes meet a lot of people and understand how different countries work and operate, Kino is quite the representation of us viewers, she doesn’t interfere or judge but observe how everything comes into play.

5. Violet Evergarden, Violet Evergarden

Aesthetic Anime Girls
Violet Evergarden

The show Violet Evergarden takes place after a four year long war finally comes to an end and the continent of Telesis continue to grow once again.

Im sure we’ve all seen many military war animes with action, violence but what we don’t get to see is what happens after the war ends how do people go back to living their normal lives.

the plot of the show revolves around an auto memory doll named Violet who tries to discover her purpose in life as she was left only with words from the person she held most dear with no understanding of what those words meant.

Violet starts her new life at CH postal service in order to understand the meaning of Love, every episode focused on Violet through her role in the show. How she interacted with the others and how her character developed.

She was not raised as a normal human being who could understand feelings and knew how to express them hence she can be mistaken for someone who doesn’t have emotions.

6. Albedo, Overlord

Aesthetic Anime Girls

Overlord isn’t a show specifically about anime girls or anything remotely close to that, it’s an Isekai where the main character is trapped inside a game as a supreme godlike entity.

She is the highest-ranking guardian of the Great Tomb of Nazarick who rules above all other NPCs and supervises the activities of all floor guardians.

What’s so exciting about Albedo is that she was supposed to be a promiscuous NPC but her behavior was changed by Momonga so that she would only have eyes for him.

She takes her orders very seriously and doesn’t allow anyone to belittle her in any way. She has a very twisted personality and takes pleasure by seeing her enemies suffer.

She’s is kind of character the viewers wouldn’t mind even if she takes the spotlight away from the main character and a few episodes just about her.

7. Jabami Yumeko, Compulsive Gambler

Aesthetic Anime Girls
Jabami Yumeko

Hyakkaou Private Academy is the perfect place for rich kids to show off their gambling skills as it is highly influenced by the powerful families in the political and financial world.

Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui) is a show with a unique hierarchy system, students are ranked by their individual gambling skills the highest ones get to join the student council and the lowest of low students treated as pets.

Jabami Yumeko is a transfer student at the Hyakkaou Private Academy who seems quite normal at first but is indeed a compulsive gambler as she never backs down from a challenge and is always eager to challenge the student council members.

She doesn’t act on impulse tho it might seem that way as she gets excited by the risk factor involved in gambling, she’s the kind of character who you hardly hate but admire that which appeals to the sense.

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