Food Wars Season 5 Release Date Confirmed for April 2020

The Release Date of Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars Season 5 Was Confirmed.

How will Food wars Season 5 servers up the final plate of the very popular Anime Series? What will hold in the end for Yukihira Soma.

The Story conclusion has been in Sight since the Manga is already completed.

However The Journey of Yukihira soma is not over yet. Said by the official Weekly Shonen Jump. The Story will begin on 10th April 2020!

How Did We Get Here

Yukihira Diner

Based on the Manga Created by Tsukuda Yuto and Illustrated by Saeki Shun, The Series Follows The Protagonist Yukihira Soma who after working at his family’s Diner with his father.

Join the World Famous Culinary Academy Tōtsuki Culinary Academy Where he faces many different Challenges and Manages to come on top.

Soma Moves to the Polar Star Dormitory of The Totsuki Academy where his dad was also a resident during his prime days. Soma meets many people in the Polar dormitory who later become his friends.

Megumi Todoroko is a very Nervous yet adorable Girl who was scared of soma until she was saved by soma during the tests.

Satoshi Isshiki also is known as Isshiki Senpai who is a Senior at the Polar Start Academy who usually is a very loveable character who loves eating bananas and Hangs around naked in an Apron.

Click here for the list of All the characters.

The Origins

Food Wars Season 1
Shokugeki No Soma Season 1

The Manga was first Adapted to anime in 2015 with Season 2 being released in 2016 and Season 3 aired in two-part 1 started in 2017 and part 2 in 2018.

The Fourth season only had 12 episodes long. And The final Food war Season 4 wrapped up on 27th December 2019.

Is it Worth Picking up now?

Food wars Season 5
Food wars Season 5 will be the final Season of Shokugeki no soma

If you haven’t started Watching this anime or not even heard of it before, Do not hesitate to jump in.

The anime offers a very comedic loveable vibes and some very intense cooking moments which will make you fall in love in just a few episodes.

The Release Date Is Announced to be 10th April 2020 So now is as good as time any to jump in and enjoy the Final Season with everyone.

What’s new in food wars Season 5?

Food wars Season 5 Chain saw
Season 5 is going to Amazing because character are literally whipping out Chainsaw for cutting the meat. Pic credit: Saeki Shun

The Final Season of Food wars will cover the remaining 55 chapters left to adapt including the Epilogues of three chapters Called “Le Dessert”. Covering the whole Blue Arc.

According to the pacing of the show makes we can Assume the Anime will 12-13 Episodes in total Finishing the Anime.

Food Wars Season 5 Release Date

Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma Season 5 Release Date is confirmed for April 10, 2020, the anime spring season.
However the number of episodes is still not confirmed yet and will Soon be Announced.

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