20+ Levi Ackerman Facts You Definitely Want To Know

levi ackerman facts

With the official release of the final season, 4 everyone in the anime community is hyped to see what the future holds for Attack on Titan universe. Also with the change of studio from Wit to Mappa Studio, the fans are happy with the results.

And since the Attack on Titan Manga is soon about to finish in the midst of a colossal battle, what’s better than to know a little bit about our favorite male character in the entire Attack on Titan series Levi Ackerman.

so I’ve decided to create a list of facts about Levi Ackerman Facts that you will be happy to learn, more knowledge about your favorite character is always a good thing. Also, Check out Best Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes

P.S Some of these facts are canon and some are fan-made

Levi Ackerman Facts

levi ackerman fact
  • Levi struggles with insomnia, he is often seen sleeping on a chair without changing his clothes.

We know the tragic past of Captain Levi, knowing that and everything he’s been through I quite understand why he would have trouble sleeping in the night, he lost almost everyone he deeply cared about.

levi ackerman fact
  • In the manga, Levi broke down crying while looking in the mirror in an attempt to cut his hair because he remembers his mother before she passed away and told him once she got better she would trim it again.

levi ackerman fact
  • Levi cuts his hair himself, no one knows what he cuts it with.

levi ackerman fact
  • Levi likes to collect tea leaves and once wanted to open a tea shop.

levi ackerman fact
  • Levi is scared of Mold and Mildew Because it disgusts him.

levi ackerman fact
  • Levi physically assaulted Historia when she refused to take the crown and become queen.

levi ackerman fact
  • Amongst Erwin, Hanji, and Mike He is the best at hand-to-hand combat.

levi ackerman fact
  • Because Levi is short, he’s sometimes jealous of Eren’s height – Especially in Titan-form.

  • Levi’s favorite Ice-cream flavor is vanilla and lemon.

  • Levi’s favorite color is white because white is clean color ya know.

  • Levi is good at cooking and his favorite dish to make is a stew.

  • Levi hates it when people leave pens lying around uncapped.

  • Levi’s favorite drink is black tea and his favorite food is rice.

  • It has been said by Isayama himself that Levi thinks Eren is the best at cleaning.

  • Levi is a clean freak, he smiles when he sees his reflection on a clean surface.

  • If you google “the definition of fabulous” pictures of Levi will show up.

  • Levi is a flexible man, enough to do a standing split.

  • Isayama said that Levi sometimes wishes that he was taller.

  • Levi takes three-minute “combat-style” showers.

  • Levi sees Isabel in Eren and once said to him “you remind me of someone I used to know”

  • When Levi feels upset he would go and talk to Erwin and Hanji.

  • Levi at-least once in his life though about suicide.

1 thoughts on “20+ Levi Ackerman Facts You Definitely Want To Know

  1. heather says:

    Historia needed to make a choice and make it quickly. They didn’t have time for her to sit and think about it. Levi handled the situation aggressively, yes but physical assault? I believe that is making a little too harsh a judgement. Was it the appropriate way to handle the situation? most definitely not, but he certainly didn’t beat her. Not to mention how he reacted to her punching him later. He knew he didn’t go about it the best way and accepted her response. Hardly how an abusive person would react to being hit.

    Good list btw!

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