10+ Amazing Seven Knights Revolution Quotes You Will Appreciate

Seven Knights Revolution Quotes

Seven Knights Revolution Quotes might just be another cliche action anime in 12 episodes I’ve seen a lot of those and they’re really not that great, but I feel this show is going in a good direction. A bit fast-paced but I comment on that.

I’m not particularly excited about this show because I already know how this is going to play out till the end. But more than anything I’m glad there wasn’t any unnecessary fan service in the show with busty little teenagers, but maybe I’m saying this too soon.

One thing I don’t enjoy about these type of shows is there isn’t even one adult to handle things, all the things are controlled by children maybe I’m being too picky but it’s a great show overall not like Full Dive RPG is even shittier than real life which basically just fans service.

So not wasting anymore time here are the Seven Knights Revolution Quotes

Seven Knights Revolution Quotes

Faria Barcelos Quotes

Seven Knights Revolution Quotes

I am Faria Barcelos. I‘m so glad. I could save at least you

Faria Barcelos

Nemo Quotes

Seven Knights Revolution

I desire power, Enough power that I won‘t have to abandon her! I have nothing to offer but my life. I don‘t want to run, I don‘t want to abandon her.



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