Hello my name is Umair Shahid and I am the founder of Anime Inspiration.

I have been a blogger for almost 2 years now, which might be very little compared to any other blogger.

And i am on a long term mission to create a Go-to Anime website for fans like me.

How it all started

I first started watching anime when i was a little kid around 2004.

Naruto was my first official anime i watched on Cartoon Network channel even back then me and my brother used to wait everyday to watch the next episode and we loved talking about it and imitate the character fighting styles.

it was in the 2016 when i got serious about animes and i started binge watching my favorite long forgotten anime shows.

Death Note was my 2nd Official anime which was a really amazing show and to this day, still is.

my 3rd show was Attack on Titan ofcourse, 4th being Mirai Nikki and the rest are more than i could count.

Why i started Anime Inspiration

Creating an community for anime fans like me was always a dream of mine, tho i am still unsure which route AnimeInspiration will take. But as the name suggests. I will try my best to keep everything information related to Anime content and creating more and more interactions for anime fans.

I will keep updating this page with good news to share

The website is still not ready, so i will keep updating and one day i can convert this website to go-to anime hub