8 Funny Anime Like Combatants Will Be Dispatched

Anime like combatants will be dispatched

Combatants will be dispatched is just what everyone needed for spring 2021. A comedy anime from J.C staff is the best thing that could’ve happened and it seems as tho the anime has the same level of humor and comedy as Konosuba. So, I am excited how about you?

We’ve been given a unique perspective on Isekai anime as to what happens when an evil person gets teleported to a new world, so it’ll be a little difficult to find anime like combatants will be dispatched because there is hardly any like this. Tho, there are many comedy Isekai anime which you will certainly enjoy.

There’s plenty of comedic and serious anime like this one where the person gets teleported to a new world and learns to survive, live and adapt to be a better person overall. But not here, we even have “Villainy points” which you can earn by doing evil deeds which can then be traded for better equipment and stuff.

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So, without wasting anymore time, lets get started with the list.

Here are 8 anime like Combatants Will Be Dispatched

1. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

We have the greatest comedy anime of all time, And since they’re both written by the same author it makes perfect sense to include the best humorous anime.

They both have a similar plot with the main character being teleported to another world where he is considered basically a dork and who is obsessed with women while being unreliable in any given situation.

Always keeping a moral high-ground even when he is wrong, Surrounded by women with selfish goals, I think it checks everything on how similar this anime is in every way.

We have the commander of the Royal guard Snow only cares about glory and riches while being absolutely useless just like Goddess Aqua in Konosuba. If you haven’t seen it, I’d say you’re missing out.

2. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

I don’t know but all the time I was watching combatants will be dispatched in my mind I kept getting this Cautious hero vibes, maybe it’s because of how similar these two shows at so many levels, Cautious hero definitely an anime like Combatants will be dispatched

The main character is a black hairs cool looking guy who can always take care of himself but is somewhat unreliable when it comes to helping others.

Or how the main character is traveling with a little kid and what about the useless goddess from Cautious hero being just as useless as the commander of the royal guard Snow from Combatants will be dispatched.

But if you talk about the main character, in general, both of them have a completely different vibe going, they’re like the solar opposites in a way, but they have some familiarizes with the people around them or the situations.

3. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

I’m happy to include this in the list because when I first started watching this show I didn’t really expect it to be anything more than “just another Isekai anime” but I was proven with how entertaining the whole show was with unexpected plots and but still basically the same.

The main character is somewhat unreliable but incredibly strong who can defend himself without a problem but if it is someone he cares about he will definitely be there to protect them too.

He is a sleaze bag who also has an obsession with a woman but at least he doesn’t have a specific, he doesn’t mind if the girl is flat or has a big bust. but he has the sense to control his urges when it is inappropriate.

but the main thing is that the show is full of comedic plot and twists which I really enjoyed and I’m sure if you give it a try you will enjoy as well.

4. Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There!

You could argue what does this show have similar with Combatants will be dispatched. Well, in term of comedy there isn’t some over the top fan service and comedic plots which will make you laugh but rather the show is somewhat a wholesome experience in a new world. with lots of action of-course.

The main character is chosen to lead the expedition to another and live there, try to hard understand how everything works and make a better connection which will benefit their own world, sound familiar?

Both the anime have a very close relation to military combat as in combatants will be dispatched the main character is teleported to another world where due to unforeseen circumstances he is forced to lead the military to fight against a demon king.

Both main character travel with a bunch of hotties who are incredibly capable of handling difficult situations on their own.

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

This show is definitely a hidden gem among many many Isekai animes with light action and comedic aspects balanced perfectly and with proper pacing but what makes me include this in the list of anime like combatants will be dispatched?

Both the anime protagonist are teleported to a different world against their will and try to make the best of the situation while one MC is a complete horn dog and the other is a capable Slime who wants to help everyone around and make the world a better place which is completely opposite to Combatants will be dispatched as what they want is to seize the entire planet for their evil organization.

Both anime characters are surrounded by pretty girls and have somewhat lustful personalities toward their beautiful lady friends and are somewhat forced to manage the military and make relations with other kingdoms.

While Tensura (That time I got reincarnated as a slime) give us some lighthearted wholesome arcs along the way, Combatants will be dispatched is a mix of comedy and action at its finest.

6. High School DxD

You don’t have to say it! I have a really good reason to add this show to the list. Just read what I have to say and then you say if it’s a good decision or not. High school DxD has quite the similarities with combatants will be dispatched.

Both the main characters are roped into a completely different world be it physical or fantasy, and while both of them are quite unreliable in any give situation they try their best to improve and do what’s best in the situation, and slowly but surely they do become the most important person in the show to something that no one else can do.

Both shows are filled with comedic gags and over the top fan service which will make you really fall in love with it, If you’re a that kind of guy >.> by that I mean a man of culture.

Both characters are quite the horn dogs and have no shame in expressing their dirty desires as passionately and they can, both characters are surrounded by hotties of different sizes and figures who they really care about. The difference is that one MC gets what he wants and the other one doesn’t… yet.

7. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero has become a genre on its own with the popularity it gained being the best Isekai anime of 2019 which I totally agree with mhmm. This show is quite familiar with Combatants will be dispatched.

Tho there are quite different circumstances I believe both of these shows have a few things in common such as, both main characters are teleported to another world where they do their best to survive while their goal is to defeat the great evil for the people and become a hero.

Shield Hero is a slow-paced in anime with quite the drawbacks and unique plots while Combatants will be dispatched is a mix of mainstream action and comedy, both anime have their fair share of comedic gags and moments, They’re both roped into very difficult situations and try to make the best of it. they end up becoming the most important character in the show.

Rising of the shield hero is definitely a show you would want to watch especially the season 2 and 3 were announced before the first season ended.

8. No Game No Life

One of the most loved and most popular anime of all time and I’m not joking. There are a lot of anime that are quite popular and loved by fans but No Game No Life might take the lead on that being the most “Meme’d” anime with no 2nd season.

There is just so much in No Game No Life that is similar to Combatants will be dispatched, Both characters are teleported to a different without their consent and later are forced to lead the countries army to battle other nations and come on top and on top of that in both shows the MC is traveling with a little girl where them both a platonic relationship.

The comedy on both shows is quite top notch If I be honest and I am. These shows are one the most hilarious one’s I’ve seen in a long time. Our male leads are not exactly similar but however the situation they both are trapped is quite the same along with their personality.

I doubt you haven’t seen No Game No Life but if you really haven’t I will say that you go and give it a watch right now because it is not just amazing but really amazing.

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