12 Top Anime Traps Who Aren’t From A Hentai

The world of anime is full of very unique and diverse characters but there is one very particular set of characters who are known as “Traps”. I’m sure you are familiar, we have seen quite a lot of these characters of the years and we will continue seeing them. The world of anime likes to tease us with these characters especially us guys, These characters often appear quite feminine with sweet qualities but are in-fact guys, and then we have the reverse traps who are female but huge and muscular with very masculine qualities, so that’s the definition of traps for you.

So basically traps are those characters who aren’t into the gender we usually think of, but traps do not include gender-benders such as characters who cross-dress to pretend to be the other gender but still lack the qualities. This might seem a bit confusing at first but do not worry, I will list down the top traps in our anime community to help you get a better understanding.

1. Shiota Nagisa, Assassination Classroom

Nagisa is a student at Kunugigaoka Junior High School and a member of the class 3-E, which is considered the class for failures and students who rank the lowest of the low. 

The E section of the high school is situated on a mountain which is quite a long walk from the main campus, they are humiliated on a daily basis by their fellow students.

Nagisa is somewhat the protagonist of the show and also the narrator, his character confused many viewers (myself included) who were unclear about the gender of the boy, he was mostly quiet in class and often seen feminine in his appearance, in a later episode a classmate even asks him about his gender.

We have seen in later episodes that Nagisa is able to charm men with his appearance, but deep down he is a cold heart assassin, this gender reveal broke many hearts. Were you heartbroken?

2. Yuu Kashima, Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun

Now it’s time for one of my favorites, Kashima Yuu is a reverse trap playboy who is just like the magical knight or prince charming of every girl’s dream but it’s quite known what her gender is, and everyone still falls for her, yes! Even the ladies.

The show is about a mangaka known as Nozaki is one day confessed by a girl but not understanding the situation, he thinks of her as a fan and Chiyo ends up being an assistant for Nozaki.

Being part of the drama has its perks, and Kashima is always on top, she is a master of many many traits including flirting with the ladies and charming them with her sweet talk, all the girls in school swoon over here, she is given the nickname of “Prince” quite fitting won’t you agree?

3. Luka Urushibara, Steins;Gate

One of the best and iconic anime series is Steins;Gate which is my personal favorite for many reasons. Rintaro is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who is so fascinated by time travel he accidentally creates a machine that can send your conscience back in time, it works on a banana so ofc it works on humans.

Luka is a close friend of Mayuri and Okabe, she may look quite feminine in appearance, she is a ‘he’. In many parallel universes, Luka is a male even though he dresses up as a girl. 

His lady-like appearance gets him into much trouble from men, he has a weak and frail body and has a very sensitive and emotional personality, even simple responses from Okabe causes him to tear down and start crying.

4. Felix Argyle, Re;Zero Starting life in another world.

Who doesn’t love cat-girls? We all love cat-girls but what if… the catgirl is not a girl but a guy?!?!?

If you’re like me, you were also fooled by the appearance of Felix Argyle or more commonly known as Ferris. Ferris appeared to be quite the eye candy for our cat lovers, many of us thought of him.. *cough cough* her as the next love interest for Subaru. 

In truth, he is an evil cat who loves to tease people who mistake him for a girl. He is a knight for Miss Crusch and he is absolutely loyal to her, will do anything if it’s for her safety, and will refuse the order if need be.

Felix has cat-like features due to his ancestral demi human blood, because of this he was mistreated by his parents until Miss Crusch took him in.

5. Haku, Naruto Series

Let’s be honest, Haku was the first trap we ever saw, before this whole internet blew up talking about traps and reverse traps.

The Zabuza arc was funny as it was tragic, the story of Haku becoming what he was today was one of the saddest I had ever seen. Haku was an orphan from the land of water and a descendant of the Yuki Clan who was among the few Clan containing the Kekkei Genkai which were the Ice Elemental powers. He became a Shinobi under the Zabuza Momochi and soon became a ninja mercenary.

Haku had a good heart, he was a kind person who always wanted to help people and be a shinobi and he was truly strong when it came to protecting what was important to him, he never enjoyed killing others so he would always avoid it no-matter-what.

6. Chihiro Hashima, A little Sister is All You Need

You might not know about this series, but it is one of my favorites of all time.

The anime is about a couple of close friends who are novel writers, some of the more popular than the other but all with their unique skills and unique genres.

The Story is about a young novel writer by the name of Itsuki Hahsima, who is obsessed with having a younger sister, maybe you could call it a sister complex? Chihiro Hashima appears to be the younger brother of Itsuki but in reality, he is the younger sister.

However, Itsuki doesn’t know about this because of their family problems and left them and refused to talk with anyone from his family.

Chihiro often visits Itsuki to clean his house, take care of him, and wants Itsuki to get back together with his family.

7. Totsuka Saika, OreGairu

Let’s get one thing clear, even if the Totsuka is a trap… You’re all fine with it. You wouldn’t mind getting it on with him and I stand by my word.

Oregairu is among the most mature anime series, where the main character is not just some dumb cliche op hero or some tragic tortured soul. Hachiman Hikigaya lives in a realistic world and does what every normal high-schooler would do.

Totsuka Saika is in the class with Hachiman (Protagonist) and has a somewhat lady-like personality and features which is somewhat not a big deal to his fellow classmates or anyone in the class. Probably because everyone already knew except Hikigaya.

Totsuka often gets shy talking to Hachiman and looks up to him as an idol of some sort and Hachiman also gets flustered whenever Totsuka gets too close to him.

8. Astolfo, Fate Apocrypha

When it comes to the Fate series, nobody knows where you should start watching, or how to get into it.

Astolfo is one of the twelve paladins of Charlemagne, he is very faithful to Charlemagne and also the son of an English king.

But does Astolfo deserve to be on this top list of traps? Of course! Astolfo is a very cute pink-haired knight, quite feminine looking. He loves to wear females outfits because he thinks it’s really cute. And he does look hella cute wearing those female outfits.

9. Kino, Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

This series is probably my favorite of all time and I couldn’t be happier that I found this when I was looking for new material.

Kino no Tabi is set in a very different world which is quite different from ours but also quite the same in many aspects.

The story is about the main protagonist: Kino and his talking Motorbike Hermes which is not that odd in their universe.

Kino is traveling the world, visiting many different countries, and learning about the world with her trusty motorbike Hermes, Appearance of Kino somewhat confuses me early on. She appears to be a guy with her short spiky hair and cool attitude. She also carries 2 unique large caliber guns.

10. Hideri Kanzaki, Blend-S

Becoming an Idol is a dream of many, but it’s not something everyone can achieve.

Hideri is hired to Cafe Stile as the fifth addition due to his cute looks, everyone is always amazed by him and it’s not because of his cute looks.

Hideri is from a farmer’s county where he was supposed to inherit his father’s farm and work there for the rest of his life, but Hideri wants to become an Idol. He is very picky when it comes to his clothes, Hideri wants to wear only cute clothes.

He does try to behave feminine but his manly side often emerges from time to time which is always hilarious.

11. Aoi Hyoudou, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Maid Sama is an iconic high-school romance anime and if you like romance, you must already know about this show.

Aoi Hyoudou is the nephew of Satsuki who is the owner of the cafe where Misaki works, he is a professional cross-dresser.

And he loves butts… Yes, he loves butts, be it fluffy or be it big. He loves teasing people with his love of big butts.

Aoi has very feminine qualities, Big eyes, and long eyelashes, he often wears a blond wig to match his favorite internet idol.

Aoi is very quick to anger and doesn’t know how to express his feelings like a tsundere.

12. Gasper Vladi, Highschool DxD

A show that is filled with gorgeous hotties, voluptuous figures, and busty babes, There is one who is not either of these things.

Gasper Vladi is half-vampire and half-human who was the amazing ability to stop time in its tracks. He is a valuable piece on Rias Gremory’s chess table as Bishop.

Although biologically male, Gasper has many feminine features i.e. his silky blonde hairs and pink-ish violet eyes. He has a very shy personality and is often quiet, he likes to stay indoors because of his whole vampire thing.

Umair Shahid

I love sports anime and love writing about them.

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