27 Best Anime Couples Who Are Just Perfect Together

Best anime couples are somewhat of a big deal in the anime community and people are always excited to see a new forming couple.

I made this list about my best anime couples and i do hope you will like it, and i will keep updating this list as the seasons go on because new ships will always keep coming, some will sail and some won’t.

I tried to pick only 2 couples from each anime because I want the list to be well diverse and I’m sure people won’t be happy about it either.

And if you think I forgot to mention a popular couple, I do apologize but that’s because I haven’t seen a ton of anime. But you do want me to add a couple, please let me know in the comments and I will be sure to watch the series and consider.

So, let me not waste your time and lets start the list.

1. Naruto and Hinata, Naruto Series

I thought I’d start with the most popular anime couple, of-course there are more and I’ll be covering all of those as well.

Naruto is the first anime I saw when I was about 7 years old but then I stopped watching anime for some reason and continued it again a couple of years ago in 2016 and finished the series.

For us, Naruto fans seeing Hinata and Naruto together was always a big dream of ours and every little screen time they got together was really precious to us.

Even to this day, people adore those two and I’m sure for many years it’ll be the same until the Boruto series comes to an end at the very least.

2. Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto Series

There is no denying that most of the community hates Sakura for all the mean and selfish things she’s done just to get what she wanted but there is also no denying that she’s done so much to atone for all this and I think she deserves some love.

Sasuke and Sakura were a couple in which people were waiting for a long time and had no idea if this was gonna happen or not but in the end, we knew it was gonna happen.

3. Shikamaru and Temari, Naruto Series

Now this one is my favorite couple from the series, I mean who expected it right? I had no clue because I hadn’t read the manga at that time.

Shikamaru of the Nara clan was always slacking off or finding ways to avoid doing any hard labor but he always managed to come through with his intellectual mind and sharp battle tactics.

Temari, being the daughter of the Kazekage, hadn’t lived a normal life. We have seen how these royal kids are treated in the naruto universe, even when the whole world hated Gaara, she always took care of him.

4. Goku and Chichi, Dragon Ball Series

I remember watching dragon ball with my brother(yeah I know that sounds weird) when we were little kids it was amazing.

The popularity of Goku and Chichi is not something you can just ignore from the series, I mean yes it’s almost non-existent but still, they are a really popular couple. 

Due to Goku’s lack of experience in the romance field, they didn’t have many intimate moments from all other couples in DragonBall, for a moment it almost felt like a running joke which will just soon end, but they were a fun couple Goku would do anything to not make Chichi mad.

5. Vegeta and Bulma, Dragon Ball Series

Now is the community favorite couple from DBZ, if you are watching Dragon Ball of-course you have heard of the power couple of the show.

It was certainly unexpected but we were glad it happened, I mean Vegeta came to destroy this world and use the dragon balls (omg it sounds even more ridiculous now).

Dragon Ball desperately needed a good couple who would carry the whole show’s romance cliche on their shoulders. Otherwise it is just guys fighting guys which isn’t bad in itself but a little romance makes the anime enjoyable.

6. Natsu and Lucy, Fairy Tail

I personally haven’t seen Fairy Tail so i can’t personally choose a couple, but Natsu and Lucy are quite a popular couple in the anime community even if they are not official yet.

Fans have a habit of shipping anime characters and why not? If they like each other, let them be together. I have plans to continue watching this series, but not just yet.

7. Jellal and Erza, Fairy Tail

Another amazing and a very popular couple from Fairy Tail is Erza and Jellal. Even though they are still not official, there are many signs. And the community already thinks of them as a couple so there is no need to hold back.

I doubt we will get to see any ships becoming official since Fairy Tail hasn’t given us fans much in that regard. But it doesn’t hurt to fantasize about it right? So even if the author doesn’t give us what we want, we don’t care.

8. Kirito and Asuna, Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online was the first action anime i’ve seen with the game genre, isekai and even a little romance. You can bet I fell in love with this and it’s still my favorite, one thing i don’t understand is why people hate on this show so much?

Kirito and Asuna are an iconic couple in the isekai genre, you can’t help but adore this couple, and I’m sure millions of people who watched it will also say that. 

They’re among the most popular anime couples of all time and are sure to pop-up in search results when you look for anime couple images.

9. Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa, Maid Sama

One of the cutest and the most hilarious love story is from Maid Sama. Usui is a really calm, collective person and really popular with the ladies in his highschool, he was homeschooled before he started in Seika High.

Misaki grew up hating men ever since their father left them leaving a huge debt for the family. But Usui changes all that with his persistence and protecting her from every bad situation.

Maid-Sama is among the top Shoujo romance anime of all time according to MAL, and if you’ve seen the show I’m sure you will agree to it.

10. Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan

Attack on titan on its way to becoming the greatest anime of all time with season 4 almost arrived, you can understand that fans are hyped and can not wait for more.

Eren and Mikasa are a long awaited couple, sure the show isn’t really about romance or love stories, it’s all about action and killing titans. But still, we have seen many times how much Mikasa cares for Eren, and will do anything to save him. We can be sure that season 4 will bring this couple closer together and with a happy ending. Everything comes to an end, eventually.

11. Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka, My Hero Academia

Just like the previous couple, we haven’t seen much progress here either, the main reason being the show is about heroes, and fighting villains, saving people.

However, the community doesn’t sit well with this, you can see hundreds and thousands of comics with them being a couple or married and fan-fictions, even if they’re not a couple in the anime. They are a couple in our hearts.

Izuku and Uraraka and the most loved and adored couple among My Hero Academia fans. Hopefully we will get to see more progress in the later upcoming seasons.

12. Ban and Elaine, Seven Deadly Sins

One of my favorite couples of all time is from Seven Deadly Sins, I have loved this show from the day I started watching it and ever since Ban was introduced. Now, it doesn’t look anything special until you see it with your own eyes how much Ban loves Elain and he will do anything to bring her back alive.

Elain was a guardian of the fairy forest, protecting the fountain of youth which could grant immortality and Ban was just a bandit who was after immortality. But he soon realizes that it’s not okay to take the fountain and let the forest die.

13. Meliodas and Elizabeth, Seven Deadly Sins

One the most lovable couple in the anime community is Meliodas and Elizabeth. And if you have seen the show you will understand why.

Meliodas, being the leader of the demon army and the 10 commandments who abandoned everyone and fled to earth, he is often quite pervy with Elizabeth almost like she belongs to him.

Elizabeth is the princess of the Britannia who fled from the castle in search of the seven deadly sins to help her save the kingdom.

14. Zero Two and Hiro, Darling in the Franxx

Now it is time for my 2nd favorite girl of all time, Darling in the Franxx is an amazing anime series and the most popular show of 2018, with millions of fans all over the world. It was a really enjoyable and unique experience. 

Even with the controversial ending.

It was back then Zero Two became the talk of the whole anime community, with artists creating art, youtube videos, and many more stuff. I mean who doesn’t love a “Dinosaur girl” who calls you darling. And of-course people loved Hiro who always stuck with his promise and did everything he could to be with the one he loved.

15. Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, Toradora

These two might just be the all-time favorites of the anime community, we all sometimes love to watch romance animes and Toradora is definitely on the top.

The story is about two high school students Taiga who is short-tempered as well as short in height and Ryuuji who is just an average highschool student trying to live a normal high school life. Somehow their lives get mingled when Taiga sends a little love a little to Ryuuji that was meant for someone else.

What makes this anime so amazing is not that it’s a high school romance but how relatable it is at so many points.

16. Banri Tada and Koko Kaga, Golden Time

Now, this is my all-time favorite, I get around to watching golden time in 2019. I immediately fell in love with the series and the environment it set was different from any romance anime I’ve seen before, mainly because it was an anime about adults in university and not kids in high school, it was just relatable.

Banri is a first-year at the university where he meets a guy named Mitsuo who is a childhood friend of Koko and her somewhat “boyfriend”? But they soon break-up and begins the story of our beloved couple.

17. Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Your Lie in April

Up next is our favorite couple from the musical anime show, Your Lie in April was the first musical anime I saw in 2016, I didn’t even knew if this genre existed in animes. It was truly the most beautiful anime I had seen back in 2016 and I immediately fell in love with it.

Each and every episode was amazing and beautiful, from the first episode when Kousei meets Kaori his life changes and only for the better. I remember I was soo happy watching that I almost cried. (I have a weak heart, don’t judge me)

18. Rikka Takanashi and Yuuta Togashi, Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions

They might just be the cutest anime couple of all time (in my opinion). Rikka and Yuuta are both in high school and that’s where they meet, Rikka being the delusional and adorable little girl who has trouble with her social life and Yuuta is a normal high school student who was once also the target of Chunibyo.

They meet for the first time on a train station when Yuuta is amazed by the uh, magic? She is at the train station where she pretends to stop the train. Later they find out about being neighbors and the story continues.

19. Tatsumi and Mine, Akame Ga Kill

I feel like this was the story that never even took off in the first place, I mean sure there was a little clue but I don’t know how I missed it. But it didn’t make it easier in the end because of what happened to them. It was still heartbreaking and I still wonder if it had turned out different.

Now, Tatsumi was a warrior fixated on avenging his friends and providing for his family in his hometown which was very poor. He comes to the Capital with his 2 friends who are later tortured to death by a Nobel princess.

20. Yato and Hiyori Ikki, Noragami

We have seen this before, haven’t we? A god falling in love with a human or vice versa it’s not a very unique blend anymore but it’s still amazing.

Yato is an almost forgotten god and what are gods without believers right? Being the god of a calamity doesn’t really help in his popularity, afraid of losing himself in the world and disappearing forever. 

He does whatever he can to help people, killing monsters, cleaning (did I mention he’s also a cleaning god?) all for 5 Yen.

Hiyori is a normal high school student who gets tangled in all this god business by accident when she tries to save Yato from incoming traffic.

21. Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, Angel Beats

From the saddest anime of all time, at least to me. I haven’t seen a lot of sad anime, mostly because I get really sad.

The story of Angel Beats is of the afterlife and how it comes to be, people who die with regrets come to this High School and are stuck in a Limbo. A resistance group in the afterlife who calls themselves the SSS Brigade who wants to take revenge on the gods.

Otonashi joins the group before he realizes what happened to him and wakes him where he explains the situation. They fight against the angel who is later revealed to be a person just like them and her name is Kanade.

22. Shoya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya, A Silent Voice

I haven’t seen a lot of anime movies but from a few, I have seen so far Koe no Katachi is my favorite in-fact I’ve seen it like 7 times already.

The story is really unique and amazing, it’s about repentance and atoning for all the mean and wrong things you did as a child and trying to forgive yourself, not be ashamed of who you are.

The story begins when both of them are kids in junior school, Ishida is a mischievous little boy who likes to have fun teasing others and annoying them, one-day Shouko joins their class, she’s deaf and knowing how mean kids are, they begin to tease her especially Ishida and make fun of her even if she is just minding her own work.

23. Kamina and Yoko Littner, Gurren Lagann

If you haven’t seen the anime, listen to me, “Stop This List And Go Watch The Show” but seriously Gurren Lagann is an amazing show if you just don’t think about it and just enjoy it.

Kamina is the main lead of the show and is quite an amazing character who has taught us how to live a good life and worrying about tomorrow isn’t gonna help.

Yoko Littner is from a faraway village underground who comes to save Kamina’s village when they are attacked. She uses a sniper and is quite the babe, she wears a revealing outfit including a bra with a fire blaze pattern, They’re a really fantastic couple in the anime history.

24. Hak and Princess Yona, Yona of the Dawn

A very amazing anime couple, this one is, Yona is the princess of the kingdom who is kind, beautiful and spoiled, one day the king is killed and the whole castle is under attack. She succeeds in escaping the attackers with her bodyguard Hak.

She sets on a journey to find the “Legendary Dragons” to help her in getting her kingdom back, during this difficult journey they face many challenges and obstacles, Yona develops some serious love feelings for Hak who will defend her even if it means risking his own life.

25. Shinichi Izumi and Satomi Murano, Parasyte -the Maxim

Parasyte is a phenomenal anime series show, with all the action in the show I doubt you will ever get bored watching it.

The story sets in a world where mind-controlling parasites come from space and start infecting people, these creatures can reshape your whole body structure at will and improve the limits of your body making it much stronger than any machine.

Our main homeboy Shinichi is infected by the same parasite but he manages to subdue it before it could reach his brain, thus the parasite stays in his arm.

Murano is the childhood friend of Shinichi who is in love with him but doesn’t let on, Shinichi often gets bullied and Murano does whatever she can to help him.

26. Touka and Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I think Tokyo Ghoul is a bad version of Parasyte, I mean both of them do have some resemblance you can’t deny that but in my eyes Parasyte -the maxim seems superior in every way.

Ken Kaneki is a high school student until his life changes when one day he goes on a date with a Ghoul who wants to eat him but he survives with minor injuries, when he wakes up in a hospital he feels strange.

Touka Kirishima works at the “Anteiku Cafe” often sees Kaneki whenever he visits their place with his friend Hide. I believe she didn’t have a crush on him back then, she just envies of how carefree he was.

27. Haru Yoshida and Shizuku Mizutani, My Little Monster

Now it’s time for my favorite non mainstream anime couple, I remember watching this show with my girlfriend, we were looking for random couple animes and we decided on this one.

This is one of those high school romance anime, where the main characters slowly fall in love with each-other.

Haru Yoshida is the main male lead of the show, who was suspended in the first year of his highschool due to a misunderstanding, he mostly doesn’t show up in school.

Shizuku Mizutani is the main female lead of the show, she is an ideal student who wants to be on top in her class, one day the teachers ask her to bring the school notes to Haru’s house.

Now That You’ve Checked The List:

I hope you enjoyed it, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this, did you liked it? I tried my best to only pick the ones which were popular and loved. Of course, I’m sure I missed a few, but you can let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list.

And if you would like to check another list of best anime couples… I’ll link down to my fellow blogger be sure to check their list.

And If You’re Interested:

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