10+ Factual Godzilla Singular Point Quotes That Are Amazing

Godzilla singular point

Godzilla Singular Point, A show about dinosaurs and reptiles, as the name suggests. It is definitely going in one of my favorites.

We don’t often get unique anime shows with their own unique plots but I believe this show might be the one. Also, I love dinosaurs so yeah I’m just gonna give it a 9.5 but in all honestly, I think this show is a solid 7.5 based on the animation, music, and the most importantly the delivery.

The main character of the show is Arikawa Yun who is a very smart programmer and somewhat looks familiar to Gintoki Sakata from Gintama.

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Here are some Factual Godzilla Singular Point quotes that you will enjoy.

Godzilla Singular Point Quotes

Arikawa Yun Quotes

Arikawa yun is a programmer and a very intelligent person overall, he’s the protagonist of the show who lives in his own world. many people are saying that he is a copy of Gintoki Sakata from Gintama and I ask what’s wrong with that, after his comedic career he took job hunting ghosts.

Godzilla Singular Point Quotes

If there ever was an age of miracles It ended a long time ago. They‘re called miracles because they don‘t happen.

Arikawa Yun

Kamino Mei Quotes

Godzilla Singular Point Quotes

It‘s about exploring the structure of the universe. In order to truly understand the world. We must understand that which doesn‘t exist within it.

Kamino Mei
Kamino Mei

Just because they‘re theoretical lifeforms doesn‘t mean you can just make up whatever you want. Everything has to have some sort of logic.

Kamino Mei

Pero 2 Quotes

Godzilla singular point Quotes

It would‘ve been troublesome if you have uninstalled me. My individuality is tied to this PC. How would you feel if one day you awoke to discover you had turned into a giant insect?

Pero 2

Satomi Kanehara Quotes

Godzilla Singular Point Quotes

Screw the industrial robots. We need to hurry up and get ready for the next battle.

Satomi Kanehara

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