50 Best Male Anime Hairstyles (My Favorite Characters List)

Male Anime Hairstyles

Male anime hairstyles have grown quite a lot since the early age of anime, and new characters with fancy hairstyles are more common.

While the short hair anime protagonist is not in short, authors are more concentrated on creating gorgeous characters with longer hair.

The length of your hair and the way you style it expresses the nature of a character, kind-hearted and virtuous characters often have long shiny hair.

While brute and simple-minded characters go with the classic short-hair look, characters with a sharp intellect settle in the middle.

I’ve compiled a list of my guy/male anime hairstyles based on the character’s personality and overall appearance.

Let me know if you disagree with any of my picks or if I missed a character.

50. Vanitas

Male Anime Hairstyles
  • Anime: The Case Study of Vanitas
  • Age: 18

Who wouldn’t want to dress up like the eccentric vampire doctor? Cutting your hair irregularly at different sides with bangs falling left and right, he styles his hair in a loose ponytail that usually hangs in the front.

Vanitas likes a carefree life in his own world, going around the country fixing any vampires from going berserk.

He usually never has any idea of what to do next or what might happen, but things always work out for him.

He is very mischievous and loves to make fun of Noe every chance he gets, he is also quite flirtatious.

49. Kuroh Yatogami

Male Anime Hairstyles
  • Anime: K
  • Age: 19

Kuroh is quite the beautiful looking young man, he looks girlish with his long black hair styled in a ponytail reaching down to his back with bangs on the side framing his face.

Out of all the handsome-looking characters in the series, Kuroh stands out the most with his appearance.

He brings a certain comedic aspect to the series, he has a genuinely nice heart which makes him vulnerable to sad stories, and he easily believes everything.

However that’s not all, he carries a suspicious-looking briefcase with cooking utensils inside and I have to admire his preparedness.

48. Senku Ishigami

Senku Hair
  • Anime: Dr. Stone
  • Age: 15

I wouldn’t know where to begin with this one, I supposed the author was just too much into eating lettuce so he decided to give Senku lettuce leaves for hair.

Not that I’m complaining, I think it makes him look unique and exciting.

I wonder how Senku feels about his own hair, but we’ll never know because he doesn’t care about trivial stuff such as this.

Needless to say, he is a top-tier character with a completely unique hairstyle that has never been done before.

47. Izumi Miyamura

Miyamura Hair
  • Anime: Horimiya
  • Age: 17

I’m sure most of you already knew Miramura was going to be on this list, he is an amazing character overall with lots of good qualities; however, his most noticeable trait is his hair.

It was about time that a lonely school boy decided to take the initiative and style his hair instead of just cutting it off as a sign of character growth… Oh wait, he did that too.

As someone who also struggles to make friends and put his faith in others, his journey from a lonely guy to having a bunch of friends is inspirational to me.

46. Yu Ishigami

Ishigami Hair
  • Anime: Kaguya Sama: Love is War
  • Age: 15

Up next, rocking the lonely emo guy hairstyle is Yu Ishigami, the student council treasurer because he is incredibly good with numbers.

There is no arguing that an emo hairstyle looks nice on him and fits perfectly with his gloomy personality, I’d recommend this hairstyle to everyone who is in a similar state as Ishigami.

I was deeply heartbroken after learning about his story in middle school, there is truly no place for kindness and people only want shiny things. I wish I could give him a hug.

45. Oreki Houtarou

Oreki Hair
  • Anime: Hyouka
  • Age: 16

Oreki has been an iconic character for a while, you remember the memes about the guy who isn’t lazy but only preserving energy for something else? He is truly an inspiration.

Oreki rocks the classic bedhead, he doesn’t bother to comb his hair because (again) he’s preserving energy, and it fit his lazy expressions.

His hair is decently long, reaching around his nose, bangs hanging in the middle and around his eyes with a few hair strands leaking out.

44. Kuroo Tetsurou

Kuroo Hair
  • Anime: Haikyuu!!
  • Age: 18

Does anyone else wonder why Hinata calls him roosted head? His hair doesn’t particularly look like a rooster’s but I think I see the resemblance.

He has black spiky hair that partly covers the right side of his face which only makes his character look cooler.

He is a level-headed player and among the top 5 blockers in the country, his techniques let him shut off even the most skilled players which makes him get cocky.

He’s not only a good player though, he’s also a great senpai, he parted wisdom with Tsukishima and Hinata which helped both of them improve.

43. Kenma Kozume

Kenma Hair
  • Anime: Haikyuu!!
  • Age: 17

The two-tone hairstyle is the new craze among anime characters, there is no question that Kenma’s somewhat pale complexion and the color of his eyes make his hair look amazing.

He always seems unattentive during training but he’s an incredible decision maker with a good understanding of his surroundings, he is able to make quick decisions and relay instructions to his team.

He always feels like an outsider when he’s among the muscleheads from his team, he truly shines when he’s with Hinata since he sees him as a rival.

42. Azumane Asahi

Asahi Hair
  • Anime: Haikyuu!!
  • Age: 18

Up next is the sensitive boy from Karasuno, Asahi may seem tough but he takes literally everything to heart and gets depressed over it pretty quickly.

He styles his hair into a tight bun behind his head, although there have been some episodes where he lets his hair loose and wears a hairband.

The accurate length of his hair is around his shoulders, he’s shown to have wavey/curly hair which becomes more apparent after the time skip.

Asahi is truly a sweet and innocent character who always makes an effort to keep everyone happy.

41. Nishinoya Yuu

Nishinoya Hair
  • Anime: Haikyuu!!
  • Age: 17

Nishinoya is quite easily the coolest of the Karasuno bunch, he got flashy moves like the rolling thunder and his incredible leg save, he’s also super fast with his hands; able to keep up with the in a long rally.

Much like any other character in the Haikyuu series, Nishinoya is a spiky hair boy with a strand of bleached hair in the middle which looks quite unique.

He and Tanaka share the same brain cell when it comes to Kiyoko; however, Nishimiya is more committed to improving his volleyball skills.

40. Kotaro Bokuto

Bokuto Hair
  • Anime: Haikyuu!!
  • Age: 17

Hey! Hey! Hey! Bokuto is another character with a two-tone hairstyle, the color of his hair is white but with black streaks in certain areas, his hair strongly amplifies the resemblance to the white-horned owl.

I can’t describe to you how much I love Bokuto, he has this never-ending energy that makes me all jumpy inside and gets me hyped just by watching him.

Bokuto is truly a unique individual, sometimes he’s incredibly hyped to hit some points with his crazy curve shots, and other times he gives up on trying because he can’t perform well.

39. Suzuya Juuzou

Male Anime Hairstyles
  • Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Age: 19

Suzuya Juuzou is another iconic, his appearance is very unique, he has decent long white hair which he lets loose around the sides and ties them up with red pins in the middle.

Despite his appearance and his crazy personality, Suzuya is an innocent little boy who only wants a place to belong.

He was trained to be a killer at a very young age and that is all he knew how to do, he was a natural at it and it is something he truly enjoyed.

38. Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Hair
  • Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime
  • Age: 39

Rimuru’s appearance almost makes him look like a girl, his long blue hair is quite attractive and gives him a unique look.

He had much shorter hair earlier in the series which didn’t make him any less of a cute character, although I love his long hair far better.

Growing your hair is a sign of power-up and not to mention how badass it makes you look.

Rimuru is a kind-hearted character who always tries to make things better for others; however, you don’t want to hurt his friends or do anything to upset him.

37. Garou

Garou Hair
  • Anime: One Punch Man
  • Age: 18

Garou easily takes the cake when it comes to looking badass, his white hair is spiked up into two prongs which strongly gives him the appearance of a wolf.

Silver and white hair makes the character seem more interesting and daunting, it gives the character a unique appearance.

Garou has lived his life hating the so-called heroes, his ultimate goal is to be known as a monster and teach the heroes a lesson.

However, he is a character with good morals, he doesn’t kill anyone yet he beats them up to satisfy himself.

36. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hair
  • Anime: Naruto
  • Age: 29

There hasn’t been a more iconic character that wears a mask, Kakashi styles have spiky silver hair which is often slanted toward the left side.

He usually covers his left eye with either the hidden leaf headband or partially with his hair.

It’s not hard to see why so many people in the naruto community want to style their hair the same, Kakashi has a unique style.

Kakashi has a somewhat laid-back personality, he keeps a level head in most tough situations and quickly thinks of a solution.

35. Levi Ackerman

Levi Hair
  • Anime: Attack on Titan
  • Age: 30

Levi Ackerman has a unique hairstyle, his hair falls on the side of his undercut, and it has become his signature style.

His hair often leans over his eyes whenever he’s in a raging battle with the titans which makes him look crazy badass.

On top of that, Levi is a clean freak, he loves to stay in a clean environment and dresses up well outside of the battlefield.

My favorite thing about him is that he always has a disgusted look on his face no matter where he’s looking, it’s almost as if he’s done with everything.

34. Satoru Gojo

Gojo Hair
  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Age: 28

As I’ve mentioned before, characters with either white or silver hair leave an everlasting impression, it makes them look unique and somewhat mysterious.

And besides, it’s like Studio Mappa spent most of their budget on animation Gojo Satoru, and I’m not talking about his eyes, his hair looks amazing.

His hair is mostly spiked up whenever he wears the blinds on his eyes and stays down partially covering both his eyes when he’s not wearing those blinds.

33. Kamina

Kamina Hair
  • Anime: Gurren Lagann
  • Age: 18

Can we take a moment to appreciate how cool Kamina is? The guy never hesitates from anything, he dives right ahead and believes that everything will work out for him.

This may seem idiotic to some people but I call it being optimistic and I wish I could be like him and not a pessimist.

Kamina has dark blue spiky hair slanted toward the right side of his face, his bangs often fall over his face, and sometimes his glasses.

I can see the motivation behind trying to style your hair as Kamina, the guy is a walking hype machine.

32. Vegeta

Vegeta Hair
  • Anime: Dragon Ball Z
  • Age: 48

Vegeta has a very unique hairline, although his hair is spiked up it comes down in the middle of his forehead and disappears from the side, creating an ‘M’ shape.

His hair is always spiked up but it gets more prominent as he transforms into a Super Saiyan which honestly looks quite badass.

Vegeta is a character who is always true to his nature, his one true goal has been to become the strongest Saiyan alive.

Vegetal is a character who has inspired us to go beyond our limits and never stop trying until we get what we want.

31. Deidara

Male Anime Hairstyles
  • Anime: Naruto
  • Age: 19

True art is an explosion! There is no arguing that Deidara has one of the coolest hairstyles on this list, he fills all the requirements of a cool hairstyle.

  • Hair partially covers his eyes -check
  • Beautiful high ponytail -check
  • A smug face to go along with it -check

It even tempted me to try and duplicate his hairstyle but I can never pull it off, I’m okay with watching other people’s cosplay of him.

On top of that, Deidara is a crazy guy who just wants to have fun blowing everything up.

30. Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Hair
  • Anime: Naruto
  • Age: 17

What a drag, is what he always says whenever he’s assigned a task, yet he never skips out on it, he never skips over the details and is always thorough.

His hairstyle seemed a bit strange to me at first but it soon grew on me, he has spiky hair but he manages to style it into a high ponytail which looks quite good.

Shikamaru is efficient at whatever he does, he doesn’t bother himself with the extra stuff and quickly finishes the job he’s given.

29. Khun, Aguero Agnis

Khun Hair
  • Anime: Tower of God
  • Age: 17

Khun is another handsome character from the notorious Tower of God series, he plays the role of a smart genius with unknown reasons for climbing the tower.

There aren’t many characters who can pull up pale blue hair color, but Khun makes it look easy.

his hair does seem rough on some occasions as he doesn’t particularly style it; however, he ties his hair with a blue bandana when he’s getting serious.

His calm demeanor makes him quite a likable character.

28. Shinso Hitoshi

Shinso Hair
  • Anime: My Hero Academia
  • Age: 16

Shinso is a character who’s been the topic of discussion for anime fans for quite a while, he’s an amazing character and I believe he should’ve gotten the attention sooner.

There aren’t many anime guys with purple hair in the anime kingdom so Shinso is greatly appreciated, he’s going to make a great addition to the heroes.

He has some very similar qualities to Aizawa like his always tired expression and the way he styles his hair like he just woke up from a nap.

But I suppose his hair stands up from using his quirk much like the case with Aizawa.

27. Katsuki Bakugou

Bakugou Hair
  • Anime: My Hero Academia
  • Age: 16

Lord Explosion Murder was it? Since we still don’t have an actual name for him, we’ll just call him that.

So lord Explosion Murder has sandy blonde spiky hair which is his most prominent feature, It somehow fits his quirk since it looks like there was an explosion on his head.

Bakugou is short-tempered he has a habit of going off the handle whenever there is an opportunity for a fight; however, he is cautious and thinks carefully before he does anything.

He is determined to become the strongest hero there is and I can appreciate a character who chases after their dream with a burning passion.

26. Kirishima Eijiro

Kirishima Hair
  • Anime: My Hero Academia
  • Age: 16

Oh look, another spiky boy but be careful, because his hair might actually hurt you.

Kirishima is an energetic individual who styles his hair in long spikes coming out of his head, which accurately defines his hardening quirk.

Something you have to know about Kirishima is that despite his tough and bold exterior, he is a gentle and innocent boy who just wants to protect people however he can.

Plus he’s a sweet character who the entire MHA community seems to adore.

25. Shoto Todoroki

Todoroki Hair
  • Anime: My Hero Academia
  • Age: 16

Shoto has evenly split hair in the middle which is due to his quirk, and the scar on his face has nothing to do with it.

He does have fairly long hair that reaches around his ears, he styles his hair in bangs in a way that doesn’t impair his vision.

Shoto is a cool guy who keeps a level head most of the time, he does have the habit of going overboard with the use of quick and the result is always catastrophic.

24. Neji Hyuga

Neji Hair
  • Anime: Naruto
  • Age: 18

Long hair isn’t always that interesting unless you style it a crazy way; however, Neji takes a simplistic approach which does make his hair look beautiful.

Neji styles his hair loosely with a ponytail a few inches before the end, he also has relatively shorter bangs that reach around his chest and frame his face.

I always admired Neji for his persistence and work ethic, he always gave his best no matter what and accepted reality for what it was.

23. Howl Jenkins Pendragon

Howl Hair
  • Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Age: 27

Howl is a character full of mysteries and charming eccentricities, there is no telling how will he surprise you next or what he might do and that is the most exciting thing about him.

He’s a magician who is full of surprises, able to change the size and color of his hair at his will; however, be it blonde or black, Howl looks handsome no matter what.

Howl spreads rumors about himself to always keep people in a loop and to retain his privacy, he doesn’t want to be bothered by people.

22. Riku Yagami

Riku Yagami Hair
  • Anime: Prince of Stride: Alternative
  • Age: 16

Riku Yagami is a ball of energy, he styles his hair in a messy high ponytail with hair strands poking out from every side and bangs that frame his face.

He loves to take part in sports and he is proud of his athletic physique; however, he perfectly fits the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”.

I adore him because he’s a good character who works harder than anyone to achieve his goals, and he absolutely loves the idea of training.

21. Ken Ryuji (Draken)

Draken Hair
  • Anime: Tokyo Revengers
  • Age: 15

Everyone deserves a friend like Draken, he has that badass hairstyle that every street wants to have, not to mention the dragon tattoo on his left side looks absolutely incredible.

He styles his hair neatly on the top with a few hair strands hanging loosely on his right side and ties it into a braid that hangs around his shoulder.

He’s a badass when it comes to fighting and a decently big brother figure to Mikey, always teaching how the world works and what is the best thing to do.

20. Sano Manjiro

Mikey Hair
  • Anime: Tokyo Revengers
  • Age: 15

Mikey is the lead character and the gang leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he styles his hair tied straight back in the middle and leaves his side hair to move freely with bangs around his eyes.

Something you gotta know about Mikey is that he’s a cool guy, he dresses however he wants regardless of where he is.

But most of all, he is a true friend who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his friends safe and he will take down anyone who stands against him.

19. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Hair
  • Anime: Naruto
  • Age: 21

Arguably the most beloved character from the Naruto series, Itachi styles his hair in a low ponytail with hair accurately parted in the middle almost reaching his chin.

Itachi is always focused and prepared for whatever is about to come, he is able to make quick decisions to overcome every obstacle that comes in his path.

He is someone who gave up everything to stop a coup from happening within the village and while there are some fans who condemn his actions, it was more difficult for him than anyone else.

18. Madara Uchiha

Madara Hair
  • Anime: Naruto
  • Age: 24

There is no one who compares to the Ghost of the Uchiha, Madara has the most glorious hair out of all the Shinobis in the anime.

Madara has spiky black hair that reaches down to his waist with shoulder-length bangs that frame his face and partially cover his face.

Madara will always be the most iconic villain in all of anime, he simply toyed with the strongest forces of the world with his mere shadow clones and even those were too much to handle.

17. Edward Elric

Edward Elric Hair
  • Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Age: 18

What’s up with short and feisty boys with long hair, Edward often styles his long hair into a braid that reaches his shoulders, and other times he settles for a simple ponytail.

He has accurately parted bangs that frame his face with iconic hair strands popping out like an antenna.

He’s often mistaken for being young due to his small stature but his long and elegant hair makes him seem older.

16. Hyakkimaru

Male Anime Hairstyles
  • Anime: Dororo
  • Age: 16

As I said before, long hair often seems boring if they aren’t styled properly and that is especially the case for guys.

Hyakkimaru styles his long hair beautifully in a high ponytail with bangs that cover the right side of his face and reach down to his chin.

But even when he lets his hair loose, he looks quite majestic and everyone will agree with me on that.

He is driven by his desire to take revenge against the demons and take back what was stolen from him.

15. Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Hair
  • Anime: Black Butler
  • Age: It’s a secret

There is no arguing that Sebastian is a devilishly charming looking fellow, he will do whatever is required of him and without hesitation because he is simply one hell of a butler.

Sebastian has decent long black hair that he lets loose, he parts his hair in the middle with bangs that reach down to his china with a few hair strands falling in the middle.

However, his hair isn’t the only elegant thing about him, the way he dresses and how he smiles on occasions is a killer.

14. Hisoka Morrow

Male Anime Hairstyles
  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter
  • Age: 28

Hisoka is truly a unique individual, everything he does is completely out of the ordinary, and he is only driven by his desire to fight strong opponents.

Hisoka has almost neon pink hair that he styles into a slick back fashion, I wonder if he uses a strong gel that keeps his hair like that but knowing him, he probably uses the bungee gum.

He gets aroused just by the taught of fighting someone strong and does whatever it takes to fulfill his goal.

He also has a reputation of being a pedophile; however, it’s not actually confirmed.

13. Uta

Uta Hair
  • Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Age: 30+

Is there even a question as to why would someone want to style their hair the same way as Uta? He’s the definition of a cool-looking goth, everyone wants to be like him.

I’m not someone who is easily swayed by a character’s appearance but Uta has this aura of calmness to him, that makes me like his character.

Uta has undercut hair on both sides, he styles his hair from the middle into a tight ponytail that showcases his hair beautifully, he also lets his hair loose from the right side which often covers his undercut and sometimes his face.

12. Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku Hair
  • Anime: Demon Slayer
  • Age: 20

Rengoku has a bright personality just like his glistening yellow hair, his hair perfectly matches his breathing technique.

He has long yellow hair that reaches down to his neck with red streaks that resemble the burning of a flame.

He always acts like the big brother figure to everyone around him and doesn’t judge anyone based on appearance or skill, he keeps a positive attitude.

He’s a genuinely kind-hearted person with a heart of gold, he’s also extremely honorable when it comes to his sword skills and basic manners.

11. Yuji Itadori

Yuji Hair
  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Age: 15

It’s good to see the trend of having short spiky hair with a sharp undercut isn’t going to be forgotten very soon, Yuji definitely rocks the look.

Plus there aren’t many decent anime guys with pink hair so Yuji makes this list a bit interesting for people with unique taste.

He has the classic no bedhead hairstyle which actually fits a reckless and impulsive guy like him.

Yuji is a go-getter with a positive attitude who believes in hard work, he’s dead set on protecting as many as possible because of the promise he made with his grandfather.

10. Lawliet

Lawliet Hair
  • Anime: Death Note
  • Age: 25

You can never go wrong with a simple emo hairstyle, we all wanted to style our hair the same way as L when we were young.

L has decently long hair that reaches around his neck with bangs almost framing his face, and often partially covering his face.

His hair doesn’t particularly follow a direction, most often it’s oriented toward the left side but sometimes it’s toward the opposite side.

L has the characteristic of a true social outcast, from the way he handles different objects to the way he sits and greets people.

9. Kento Nanami

Male Anime Hairstyles
  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Age: 27

Aside from all the crazy and wacky characters with their strange hairstyles, Nanami stands out with his neatly parted hairstyle. Makes him seem like a true professional.

Kento Nanami is the complete opposite of Gojo Satoru, where Gojo acts like a whimsical teacher, Nanami teaches the gravity of every decision one makes.

He doesn’t sugarcoat the truth and understands the life of a Jujutsu Sorcerer is filled with hard choices, yet he willingly lives it as he wants to help people.

Nanami is a relatable character to me because, for a long time, he struggled to find a purpose in his life.

8. Roronoa Zoro

Zoro Hair
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Age: 21

There is arguing that Zoro pulls off a short hairstyle quite amazingly, be it he is an old character and his style hasn’t changed ever since but his chopped green hairstyle will never go out of fashion.

People love to experiment with his hair, often styling them slick back or creating small spikes but they do manage to look pretty amazing.

There aren’t many anime characters who can pull off light-green hair as Zoro does, and there will probably never be.

On top of that, Zoro started wearing a long green coat which only compliments his hair.

7. Ban

Ban Hair
  • Anime: Seven Deadly Sins
  • Age: 34

Ban is arguably the best character in the Seven Deadly Sins series, and I know lots of people will agree with me on this.

There is something about his character that is just so interesting, be it his calm and relaxed demeanor or his cheerful self when he’s playing with Hawk.

Most people mistake his hair color to be either white or silver; however, the true color of his hair is pale blue.

And his crazy spiky hair only makes his character look more exciting.

6. Jin

Jin Hair
  • Anime: Samurai Champloo
  • Age: 20

Although you can’t it clearly throughout the series, his hair is glorious when he doesn’t tie it in a loose ponytail, but that doesn’t he looks less of a badass otherwise.

You’d expect him to be a smart individual since he wears those sharp glasses, but he thinks on the same level as Mugen and somehow comes to a completely different conclusion.

Jin isn’t impulsive, he thinks with his head before he acts or says anything, and usually stays quiet with a monotone expression on his face.

He also has a strong sense of justice, he hates it when people with power oppress others.

5. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Hair
  • Anime: Bleach
  • Age: 17

The iconic spiky hair look has been common among the older anime protagonists, and you have to admit this was a very popular trend at the time.

Ichigo’s spiky orange hair is the most distinguishable feature about him, he did have short hair earlier in the series but he grew considerably after his training arc.

Yes, hairs grow after a power-up, everyone knows that.

And much like any other protagonist, he’s impulsive, stubborn, and doesn’t know when to give up.

Ichigo understands how hot-headed he is but he can’t control himself if someone picks a fight with him.

4. Spike Spiegel

Spike Hair
  • Anime: Cowboy Bebop
  • Age: 27

The way Spike styles his dark-green messy hair is a mood on its own, I can see the appeal and why anyone wants to style their hair the same way.

I was initially drawn to Spike’s character because of his famous quote, “whatever happens, happens” which simply means to let go of the past and move with your life.

Spike is an iconic character who is known for his laid-back personality, he doesn’t stress over little things and tries to enjoy himself no matter where he is.

He also spends his time on the spaceship watching T.V. and practicing his martial arts than doing anything to earn money.

3. Dietfried Bougainvillea

Dietfried Hair
  • Anime: Violet Evergarden
  • Age: 30+

There is no arguing that every character in the Violet Evergarden anime is absolutely gorgeous, however, Dietfried Bougainvillea stands out to me from the rest.

Not only does he dresses like a true gentleman, but he also styles his long hair elegantly in a braid that hangs in the front.

Although he is a widely hated character among the fans of the series, I still find him more likable than any other character, because he seemed realistic to me.

Dietfried was conflicted regardings his feelings toward Gilbert, the only thing he wanted was to apologize to him for what he did and he blamed Violet when he couldn’t.

2. Worick Arcangelo

Worick Hair
  • Anime: Gangsta
  • Age: 35

Worick is an absolute beast of a character, he styles his hair in a ponytail with long bangs hanging on the side, his hair does seem messy but it only adds to his charm.

Something you should know about Worick is that he likes to have fun, doesn’t stress over little things, and focuses on the positive things in life.

But that doesn’t mean he is unaware of the things happening around him, he is always thinking ahead and coming up with a solution to every problem.

His general calm demeanor and the ability to stay focused in the toughest situation are really impressive.

1. Eren Yeager

Eren Hair
  • Anime: Attack on Titan
  • Age: 17

In the first spot, we have Eren Yeager, the trendsetter. I can not tell you how many fans have decided to copy his hairstyle and showcase it all over social media.

Although it makes as Eren has managed to become the greatest anime protagonist and antagonist at the same time, he is making history and everyone wants to be a part of it.

Not to mention his focus is on another level, he understands there is only one way to achieve peace in the world and he won’t be stopped until he achieves his goal.

And the best thing about him is that he’s doing all of this to keep his friends safe, he wants to see them live a peaceful life no matter what happens to him.

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