‘Rent-a-Girlfriend’ Episode 17 Release Date And Where To Watch

Rent-A-Girlfriend episode 17

Rent-A-Grifrleind‘ recently aired its 16th episode “Night and Girlfriend” on July 2nd, 2022, and what a steaming episode it was, Mami-chan taking an interest in Kazuya’s life just to mess with him and sabotage his relationship with Chizuru is such a cheap move, I don’t even want to imagine what she will do next.

I’m still amazed at how pitful of a character Kazuya really is, why does he even care what she thinks or how she feels after everyone she has done to make him feel bad.

However, that’s not the highlight of the episode, Ruka meets Kazuya and decides that she will cook for him, and both of them have a nice time together at the supermarket, shopping for vegetables and meat. Ruka cooks a nice meal for him and both of them have a lovely time together until Ruka starts making advances toward her.

Kazuya tries to make her leave his apartment; however, due to the heavy rain outside, he has to let a dripping wet Ruka back into his apartment and if the thought of having Ruka shower at his apartment isn’t enough, she comes out wearing his shirt and looking cuter than ever before and acting like a real girlfriend.

But before anything serious happens, Kazuya confesses his real feelings toward Ruka which sends her into a love coma and the episode ends just how everyone expected it to.

‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’ Episode 17 Release Date

Rent-A-Girlfriend episode 17

Rent-A-Girlfriend episode 17 will be titled “Birthday and Girlfriend” which will be released on July 30, 2022, and you can already guess by the title that the following episode will celebrate one of the girl’s birthday and Kazuya will be in the middle of it.

And despite how seeming quietly both Ruka and Kazuya were in his apartment, Chizuru definitely heard lots of what was going on, I just hope it doesn’t affect their relationship but seriously doubt that will happen.

This show is full of romantic and comedic cliches and I love it.

Where To Watch Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2

Rent-A-Girlfriend episode 17

You can easily stream this series on YouTube, the episodes are live streamed every Saturday on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. There are two versions of the episode uploaded, one being subbed and the other raw, for those fans who are more than efficient in Japanese.

So visit Muse Asia’s YouTube channel and enjoy the series free of cost.

About The Series

Rent-A-Girlfriend anime is based on a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. The manga series began its serialization in July 2017 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. The first season of the anime series began airing from July 11th to September 25th of 2020 with a total of 12 episodes, more news regarding the episode of season 2 will be released soon. Kodansha described the series as follows:

Anime coming July 2020! You can rent a girlfriend, but can you buy love? Reeling from a bad breakup, Kazuya rents the beautiful, polite Chizuru for a date. But rock bottom might be so much lower than he thought! Chizuru is much more than the pretty face and sweet demeanor he thought he’d bargained for…
In today’s Japan, “rental” services can deliver an afternoon with a “friend,” a “parent,” even a fake girlfriend! After a staggering betrayal by his girlfriend, hapless freshman Kazuya gets just desperate enough to give it a try. But he quickly discovers how complicated it can be to “rent” an emotional connection, and his new “girlfriend,” who’s trying to keep her side hustle secret, will panic when she finds out her real life and Kazuya’s are intertwined in surprising ways! Family, school, and life all start to go wrong, too… It’s sweet but naïve boy meets cute but ruthless girl in this 21st-century manga rom-com!
Source: Kodansha US,

Source: Rent-A-Girlfriend Official Website

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