26 Most Unique Anime Girls With White Hair

There is something that all of us otakus can agree on. Anime girls with white hair are the rarest of their kind.

Think about how many white-haired anime girls you have ever seen. Of course, you will remember a few but compare it with the rest of the colors and you’ll see.

There is always something very unique about these girls, they are somewhat unapproachable, distant from the rest of the world.

The brighter the color of their hairs is the more mysterious they seem, if I would have to describe them in one word, it would be… Angelic like an angel.

Enough with my explanations! Let’s start the list of the top white haired anime girls who are unique and quirky.

Just wanna let you know, I didn’t rank the list in any specific order, please enjoy.

P.S Silver haired girls are included

1.Nao Tomori, Charlotte

Nao Tomori, White haired anime girl

Let’s start with the most popular white haired anime girls, Nao Tomori is always eager to solve mysteries with her friends to help other ability users in any way she can.

She might seem a bit annoying at first but she is a very kind person and quite the innocent girl at heart.

She always keeps her handy camera to herself, because of her own ability which is mainly the reason why she’s always alone.

She loves to make friends and do fun stuff.

2. Kanade Tachibana, Angel Beats

Kanade Tachibana, anime girl with white hair

As the overseer of the dead, Kanade does everything in her power to help them, but she is just misunderstood.

She’s not a shy girl but rather a calm person, She’s not some unapproachable entity but a misunderstood little girl who just wants to help people, she just can’t express herself.

She somewhat resembles an angel, hence why she is misunderstood as one.

Once you get to know her, you will understand how much she wanted to be friends with others.

3. Shiro, Deadman Wonderland

Shiro Deadman wonderland, white haired girl

Shiro is somewhat of an unknown entity and somewhat unapproachable by many, she appears quite a few times during the show. 

Shiro is always happy, energetic, and ready for action, she also loves sweets more than anything.

The first time I saw this show, I didn’t quite understand what her role was in the entire show and how she was related to any of this.

She has long white hairs which are ironic because… Fun-fact, Shiro means white in Japanese.

4. Meiko Honma, Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day

Meiko Honma, cute white hair anime girl

From the many saddest anime I’ve seen, Anohana really hit me hard, Meiko Honma who is often called by her nickname ‘Menma’ is the female protagonist of the series.

Menma is a really kind, cheerful, and helpful little girl, she always worries about others before herself. Especially Jinta(Male Protagonist)

Even though she is surrounded by friends throughout the series, she often gets sad and lonely.

She has a very child-like personality, she’s also optimistic and cheerful about everything.

5. Koneko Toujou, Highschool DxD

Koneko Toujou

Would you forgive me if I didn’t add Koneko on the list? … I thought so. 

Amidst all these Tragic souls and misunderstood girls, we have Koneko from Highschool DxD.

Koneko is the most adorable cat girl I have ever seen, but to be more precise. She is a Nekoshou, a very rare species of Nekomata.

She’s Rias Gremory’s first rook and also one of Issei’s fiancees. 

Koneko rarely shows any emotions or expresses her feelings in a big way, she just speaks what’s on her mind.

6. Index Librorum, A Certain Magical Index

Index Librorum

A Mysterious Nun looking small girl comes to your apartment, What do you do? I really have no idea.

Well, the first thing you do is not call the police, and then proceed to the next step which is to take care of her.

And I don’t know what I’m talking about because I forgot the anime plot.

The index holds thousands of magical grimoires stored inside her memory, and she needs to go south I think. Or maybe west?

She’s an absolutely adorable and a very cute girl, she is quite clueless as to how the world works, but fear not because our protagonist is here to save the day.

7. Mirajane Strauss, Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss is an absolute beauty, she has a very sweet and innocent personality who is always willing to help out.

She will always be there to help whoever is in need and doesn’t jump to conclusions without assessing the entire situation.

She cares deeply for her friends and will do anything in her power to protect them.

But she wasn’t always this happy and cheerful person, in-fact back in the days, she was known as the ‘Demon’ wearing punk gothic clothes, bad mouthing everyone.

8. Nakiri Alice, Food Wars!

Alice is the Maternal cousin of our main female protagonist Erina, She’s a 92nd generation Totsuki student and former 6th seat on the council.

She is an expert in her art of cooking which is quite elegant, to say the least, everything she does has a certain class to it.

As a member of the Nakiri family, she holds herself in high regard. However, she does have quite a friendly side unlike her cousin Erina who is stuck up.

Alice can get along with people really well, as well as making new friends. She also teases people.

9. Seitenshi, Black Bullet

There is something so fascinating about a character who has a higher standard and always upheld their duties, never wavering or falling behind in any way.

Just like Rias Gremory (Crimson Demon Queen), Seitenshi has a certain class. She rules the Tokyo city with such authority that no one can ever stand up to her.

She has a great authoritative personality as a ruler should have and amazing character design.

10. Lisanna Strauss, Fairy Tail

The younger sister of Mirajane Strauss, although she doesn’t match up to her older sister in terms of strength.

She has a wonderful personality and has a truly kind heart, she doesn’t have trouble getting along with people. In-fact people feel really safe around her.

However, she can’t really judge someone’s character and is too trusting at times which sometimes can be a bad thing.

11. Alisa Illichina Amiella, God Eater

Alisa Illichina Amiella

God Eater is one the best action animes I have seen, Alisa is a powerful Russian soldier came to aid the Japanese soldiers.

She sometimes can appear to be overconfident, arrogant, and quite stubborn. But deep down she does care for everyone who is somewhat close to her.

She absolutely hates the aragami and she is willing to do whatever it takes to kill them, the trauma she experienced as a child still haunts her.

12. Anna Nishikinomiya, Shimoneta

You live in a world where there is no dirty material, there is no porn, no dirty comics, no bad words allowed, not many kids even know what dirty things are.

Now, what do you do when it tingles down there? Shimoneta is an amazing ecchi anime show which is full of crazy stuff.

Anna is the class president and belongs to a prestigious family who has done everything to control filth from people’s minds.

Anna is a pure soul, free of all dirty thoughts but what happens when she experiences her first sexual encounter.

13. Eucliwood Hellscythe, Is this a zombie?

Eucliwood or Eu is a necromancer who has been spotted time and time on the streets of Tokyo.

She meets a boy named Ayumu and raises him from the dead after he is killed by a serial killer  and later on she moves in with our Protagonist.

Eu wears a medieval outfit with silver armor and a special silver headpiece, the silver headpiece is there to control her immense necromancer abilities.

And in strength, she is strong enough to break your arm if you touch her.

14. Isla, Plastic Memories

Probably the most beautiful shiny white hairs from this entire list, and one the saddest anime I’ve seen (very recently).

Isla is an android doll created to learn human emotions and how to interact with them, in this process she makes a few friends.

Regardless of the season, her white hairs are beautiful as ever and shine bright as ever.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you give it a try.

15. Emilia, Re;Zero Starting Life In Another World

I love Emilia, But that shouldn’t be a surprise. Don’t we all love Emilia?

Regardless of the past, however she was and is still mistreated by people, she always does whatever she can to protect them.

She is a truly kind person, she does everything in her power to help those in need even if it means halting her own tasks.

She is a really forgiving person, even if there is someone who wronged her, if they need help she wouldn’t hesitate.

And you know what the best thing about her? She has a Hooded Robe with cat ears!

16. Koko Hekmatyar, Jormungand

Hands down one the best action anime I’ve seen in a long time, the anime is all about war and guns, and amidst all this chaos is our protagonist, Koko Hekmatyar who is an arms dealer.

You don’t often see many females taking the lead in a show about guns and war, but Koko is a woman with authority. She handles everything very calmly, never making impulsive decisions.

 She leads a squad of Retired army soldiers and police veterans who are always ready for action, and overall. She’s a fun boss!

17. Echidna, Re;Zero Starting Life in Another World

Echidna is the newest best girl from the fourth arc of the series, she is the primary focus for the entire fourth season.

Echidna can be described with these two words ‘black and white’ she has an extraordinary beautiful porcelain white skin which is barely ever exposed, she wears a pitch-black dress and a black butterfly hairpin.

Echidna has a very curious personality toward the unknown things, her thirst for knowledge is something that defines her behavior, she refers to it as love.

She is fascinated by Subaru’s return by death

18. Eleonora Viltaria, Madan no oU to Vanadis

One of the most underrated anime if I’ve seen one, and I personally think there is a lot of potential in this show.

Eleonora is the female protagonist of the series and one of the seven Vanadis in the story. 

She is known for her valor and honor, as the Vanadis, she vows to protect Zhcted from the enemy forces.

And also she is the ally of the male protagonist Tigre who was captured by Eleonora and later served under her for the safety of his people.

She’s also a Tsundere soo… Yeah. 

19. Leonmitchelli Galette Des Rois, Dog Day

Leonmitchelli is a 16 years old princess and the leader of the Galette Lion Territory which is an ally nation that helps the Biscotti Republic during sporting events.

Earlier in the show, Leo seems rude, cold-hearted, and Ruthless toward other people starting many wars with the Biscotti.

I don’t know about this one guy. What is this Eleonora V2.0? I’ll let you decide, by appearance both these characters look quite the same, except the ears and the eyes.

Since I haven’t seen the series myself I can’t say much about this at the moment, someone pointed out to me so I included it in the list.

20. Alka, Blade and Soul

Alka is a breathtaking beauty among these angelic white haired girls, she is the main character from the anime ‘Blade and Soul’.

She is the last surviving member of her clan of the sword who wants to avenge the killers of her master, she is an incredible assassin by strength and agility, able to kill someone without thinking twice.

She is also extremely sexy in terms of body proportions, she has a curvaceous figure which is quite sexy on its own.

21. Tomoyo Sakagami, Clannad

Tomoya Sakagami is known as a violent girl who everyone is afraid of (including guys) because of her past being quite the fighter, she would always get into fights with other people.

But in truth, she is just misunderstood by everyone. In reality, she is a kind hearted person who is just mistreated by society.

I haven’t seen anything more beautiful than how her dark grey hair contrasts against the pure white snow of winter.

22. Anna Kushina, K: The Missing Kings

Anna is a very cute doll-like human with white long hairs, pale skin, and red eyes. She’s part of the Red HOMRA clan but she isn’t like the other members.

She has a quiet personality compared to other members of the clan who are quite loud and eccentric.

Anna is fascinated by the color red, mainly the red of the current king Mikoto Suoh. She likes to spend time around him, always staying close to Mikoto because she cares about him and doesn’t want to lose him.

23. Origami Tobichii, Date a Live

Origami is one of the main female protagonists of the Date A Live series, her hair color is silvery white.

She is highly intelligent and extremely dependable, she’s a hard worker, athletic, ‘beautiful even’, and the most famous person in school. She is also quite ambitious, doing everything in her power to get the work done.

Origami is somewhat of a teaser, she doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on her mind which can be a bit on the rude side, but I find it hilarious.

24. Irisviel Von Einzbern, Fate/Zero

Irisviel or Iris is a homunculus that was created as a humanoid-shaped grail vessel which had consciousness and could defend itself from harm.

 She was the first-ever homunculi to receive the human-like treatment and also the first to receive human emotions.

She is a kind and gentle soul with enough resolve and dedication. She is a magus capable of using magical abilities.

25. Illyasviel Von Einzbern, Fate/Stay Night

The daughter of Irisviel Von Einzbern from Fate/Zero, Illya was featured in Fate/Stay Night, she was referred to as the master of the berserker because of her cruel, sadistic, and battle hunger.

Illya has a cheerful and happy personality, she always exhibited a positive attitude and was easy to get along. 

She’s the adoptive sister of Shirou Emiya. Though when they first meet, Iris always considered him as an older brother while Shirou was distrustful of her at first.

26. Shiro, No Game No Life

Shiro is the main female protagonist of the series and according to the Wiki she is classed as a white-haired anime girl even though the anime ambiance makes it look different.

She’s the main female protagonist of the show and is a shut-in gamer along with her brother Sora.

Unlike many other females in anime, Shiro is a genius and natural problem solver. However, she has trouble understanding or expressing emotions. She also has a bit of a brother complex.

Umair Shahid

I love sports anime and love writing about them.

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