30 Anime Guys in Suits (My Favorite Characters List)

Anime Guys in Suits

Most anime characters are defined by their appearance, and anime guys in suits leave one hell of an impression.

What makes these characters special is that they never abandon their responsibilities, they see the reality for what it is and what do what needs to be done.

A well-dressed male character in anime, preferably in a suit symbolizes a sense of pride and authority and those are the qualities that make a likable character; not to mention they look quite handsome.

So, I’ve organized a list of my favorite anime guys in suits who aren’t only handsome but have a decent personality.

Let me know, if I missed your favorite character or if you disagree with any of my picks.

31. Shuu Tsukiyama

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Age: 22

Only in anime can there be a handkerchief-sniffing enthusiast (let’s call him that), he’s a great character; adds a lot to the story.

A few things I remember about his character are that he likes to dress up well in colored suits, he’s part French, and loves to sip on some coffee while reading a book.

So, he’s a well stand-up guy in human society, surely there is nothing crazy going on in his head.

Oh yeah the handkerchief, so basically he wanted to eat the main character while he’s dressed in the finest of clothing but all that is behind him.

Yet his obsession with the main character remains; however, now it’s more like a secret crush.

30. Kyousuke Hori

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Horimiya
  • Age: 36

Kyousuke is absolutely the most hilarious character in the Horimiya series, he claims to dislike guys with long hair yet his own hair is freakishly long.

I had to mention him in the series because of his hilarious entrance at the graduation ceremony.

He truly made the series a lot more enjoyable, he easily accepted Miyamura as Hori’s boyfriend and treated him like a long-lost son.

Also, him being needy and ruining their alone time just makes him more likable, the poor guy just wants to spend some time with his daughter.

He doesn’t mind how much time Miyamura spend at their home in fact he’s happy because there is a man who looks after his home when he’s not around.

At least, that’s how I see it.

29. Jean Otus

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: ACCA: 13
  • Age: 30

I like emotionally reserved anime guys, and while I know Jean Otus doesn’t exactly wear a suit but rather a military uniform, although he does look decent in a tux.

He takes on the responsibility to keep the entire country from going into war with the rebels yet doesn’t think much of himself, he stays composed even in the toughest situations.

The show is basically from his perspective and whether he prefers to stay an ignorant person and simply see things from the sideline or make the change for something better.

The thing I like about him is that he makes an effort to understand the people and what they want, he just wants peace.

28. Shizuo Heiwajima

  • Anime: Durarara!!
  • Age: 25

The last thing you want is a crazy maniac dressed in a bartender suit hurling fridges and vending machines at you, Shizuo Heiwajima is definitely something else.

Even though he tries to stay away from trouble, somehow he gets roped into whatever goes on in the city of Ikebukuro.

His temper skyrockets whenever he comes across Izaya, and he just can’t help himself from throwing stuff at him. 

It is implied that he has an easy-going personality, Shizuo tries to ignore the things that happen around him and focus on his job as a bodyguard.

27. Shinya Kogami

  • Anime: Psycho-Pass
  • Age: 28

The protagonist of the first season and quite frankly one of the most badass characters on this list, he doesn’t care for dressing up properly for events but that doesn’t change the fact that he does look handsome in a suit.

He’s also a heavy smoker, lighting up a cigarette every chance he gets, he claims this is so he can calm down and assess their situation.

While he has a somewhat laid-back personality outside of work, he takes his job quite seriously; quickly neutralizing the situation with his superior skills as an inspector.

He’s among the few people who hate the Sibyl system; however, he does whatever is asked of him to maintain peace.

26. Tadaomi Karasuma

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Assassination Classroom
  • Age: 28

If Koro Sensei plays the role of a whimsical teacher, Karasuma is the strict father figure who the students want to impress.

He doesn’t partake in the teacher-killing activities with the students because he knows that there is no chance of them ever catching Koro sensei off guard.

I like him because he isn’t just there on behalf of the ministry, he genuinely cares for the students and makes an effort to help them with their studies.

Although he tries to maintain a distance between himself and the students, he does give them advice from time to time.

25. Worick Arcangelo

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Gangsta
  • Age: 35 

Worick is my absolute favorite character, everything about his appearance seems so cool to me, and technically he does wear a black suit even if it’s not properly dashing.

While Nico is the one who does most of the killing, Worick digs up new leads for them to follow using his social skills.

His laid-back and confident personality mixed with his calm demeanor is quite refreshing, he doesn’t stress over little things and keeps a level head.

And did I mention that he’s quite the gentleman with the ladies? Because he is.

24. Taihei Doma

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Umaru-Chan
  • Age: 26

Can we take a moment to appreciate big brothers, I feel like big brothers in anime always go to extreme lengths to take care of the younger sibling.

And sure he isn’t a top contender for the suits category, but he’s a great character who cares about other people’s feelings.

Taihei is an absolute gem of a character, he cares for Umaru and fulfills her every demand no matter how inconvenient it is for him.

And sure he gets angry sometimes, but he always calms down and tries to teach Umaru how to become responsible.

23. Hirotaka Nifuji

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otakus
  • Age: 26

Love is hard for otakus, well only for those who hide their true self from others, and my guy Nifuji isn’t one of them.

He openly admits that he’s an otaku and takes pride in being one and that’s what I like the most about him.

He minds his own business and doesn’t go around talking about others behind their back, I feel like I’m describing myself.

He’s an easy-going person who’s able to make friends with almost everyone he meets, but he keeps to himself because of his unique tastes.

And he’s quite competitive when it comes to games, he excels not only in games but also the office work.

22. Takumi Usui

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Maid-Sama
  • Age: 18

A handsome character from the shoujo demographic anime, who could’ve seen that coming?

Takumi Usui is quite possibly the dream anime guy of every female anime enthusiast, he usually wears his high school uniform but he can pull off any outfit be it a suit or casual tank top.

He acts as the night in shining armor for our beloved Misaki, protecting her for everything; even from herself as she has the habit of overworking herself.

I find it odd how he is amazing at almost everything, I still believe he’s the only character without any imperfections but maybe I’ve forgotten something about him?

21. Rentarou Satomi

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Black Bullet
  • Age: 16

Rentarou Satomi is another cliche anime character who always wears a suit, I added him to this list because I like his personality.

Even though the plot of the series is quite bland, and the characters are average, the show was fun to watch only because of him.

He is a genuinely nice character who disapproves of how the world treats children who are affected by the Virus and wants to help them.

His encounter with Kisara was always entertaining, he’s a good character who made the series worth watching. 

20. Spike Speigel

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Cowboy Bebop
  • Age: 26

Whatever happens, happens. I try to live my life by those words, believing that what’s done is done and the best thing to do now is to move on with your life.

I love his easy-going personality, he doesn’t take things too seriously and tries to enjoy his little moments throughout the series.

Spike is also quite nonchalant, he spends most of his time relaxing while watching TV and practicing his favorite martial arts.

He’s also almost never excited about anything, and even though he expresses disapproval toward most things, he does make an effort to accept the changes.

19. Diablo

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Age: 20,000+

Why does my mind always confuse him with Fafnir, I assume it’s because they wear similar suits and are both extremely powerful with a hint of elegance.

Overpowered anime characters serving as humble servants pique my interest.

He basically has two sides, one as a scary Arch Demon who ruthlessly kills people and one as Rimuru’s servant who gets sad when he doesn’t get noticed by the master.

He’s extremely loyal and does anything in his power to assist Rimuru in his endeavors, he goes above and beyond completing his duties and surprises everyone with his contributions.

His most commendable quality is his humility, he never showcases his true power to lord over others, he could care less about fame or glory.

18. Loid Forger

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Spy x Family
  • Age: 27

All great spies wear a suit, and Loid looks dashing no matter what he wears, he’s an amazing husband, a great father, and the greatest spy of all time.

He’s on a mission to maintain order and peace in the world and he’s given the task to infiltrate a high-profile individual; however, to do that he needs a come up with a family.

It’s nice to see them all act like a real family even though they’re just pretending to be one, seeing Loid take time off from his spy duties to bond with his daughter is so heartwarming.

And if he does anything to upset his family, he tries to make things better because he’s a genuinely caring person.

17. William James Moriarty

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Moriarty the Patriot
  • Age: 24

I love brainiac anime characters and William James Moriarty definitely stands out as a brilliant character who isn’t just smart but also looks fantastic in a suit.

He’s a top-tier character because he does what is needed to be done, no matter how crude his actions may seem, he’s just trying to serve justice in his own way.

Even though he’s the protagonist of the series, he’s chaotically refined with an aura of mystery to his characters.

His ability to see the true nature of people is almost scary, his desire to overthrow the noble class and disrupt the system makes him go to extreme lengths. 

16. Fafnir

  • Anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • Age: 25

Up next we have one of our own kind, Fafnir is a dragon who prefers to spend most of his time playing online games and hunting achievements in a popular MMO game.

And he’s not just a game enthusiastic, he’s a full-on otaku who partakes in various activities in the otaku culture such as visiting the annual anime convention, cosplaying, and creating comics to sell.

While it’s true he still doesn’t like humans but he’s come to realize there is no point in killing them mercilessly which I think is progress.

He’s also an old-fashioned guy who wears an old-fashioned suit, often being compared to a butler’s suit.

15. Nero Vanetti

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: 91 days 
  • Age: 21

Nero Vanetti is quite a well-written character, he’s an upstanding guy who fights for what is right and keeps his family above everything else.

I loved how he wasn’t just another tool for the upper mafia bosses, he was self-aware and sought to kill people only to protect his family and friends and not to cause violence.

He may have been involved in the dirty dealings of his family, but he merely followed orders.

There aren’t many people who can sympathize with the killer of their family, it shows he truly thought of Angelo as his friend even at the end.

And from all the characters in the series, Nero is the only one who looks incredibly handsome in a suit.

14. Light Yagami

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Death Note
  • Age: 23

Can there ever be a better evil mastermind in the world of anime? Maybe.

But there surely isn’t going to be a more iconic anime villain ever, Light Yagami is one of the best anime villains not only for his witts but also for his tenacity, he risked everything to reach his goals.

While there are some who may condemn his actions, there are also those (including me) who think he did nothing wrong, is trying to make the world a better place such a wrong thing to do?

Although he was a murderer more than a vigilante, he not only killed bad people but anyone who dared to cross him. 

13. Levi Ackerman

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Attack on Titan
  • Age: 30

Despite his rough personality, Levi wears nice and elegant clothes with his own personal touch; like the cravat instead of a tie in earlier seasons.

He always has a disgusted expression like he’s so done with life, which is understandable given he has to deal with everyone’s nonsense.

However, despite how he may seem on the surface, Levi deeply cares for everyone in his squad and considers them a family.

Although the thing I like most about him is that he doesn’t care what others think about him, he does whatever is necessary to reach his goal.

12. Masamune Matsuoka

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Aoharu x Machinegun
  • Age: 20

As someone who works as a host at a gentleman’s club, Masasume is definitely a good-looking guy who looks good no matter what he wears, be it a suit or his airsoft costume.

Masamune is your average shonen protagonist with a decent work ethic and a positive outlook on life.

He almost seems perfect with his confident and bright personality, but he’s easily influenced by his fears which makes him seem more relatable.

I love how he always puts others before himself, no matter what’s going on in his head, he puts it aside to help his teammates first.

11. Osamu Dazai

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Age: 22

Only in anime can there be a suicide nut job as the main character, Dazai doesn’t exactly want to die but rather find a purpose in his life.

And this is a recurring thing, every time he completes a mission, he gets hopeless about the future and jumps into the closest river to end it all.

And I know he wears a khaki-colored overcoat throughout the series as his signature look, the guy does look amazing in a suit when he wears one.

Dazai is an amazingly written character who’s borderline chaotic and hilarious, and I just love him.

10. Leorio Paradinight

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter
  • Age: 19

When I first saw him in the series, I found it very hilarious that he was just a teenager wearing a complete business outfit including a suit, black shades, and a briefcase.

Leorio sees things the way they are, he’s a pessimist who loses hope quite easily and points fingers when things get tough but something he never does is give up.

And that’s what makes him special, he’s just a normal guy with a dream to become a doctor and save lives.

He’s the best character in the series because he’s more human than any other character.

9. Eikichi Onizuka

  • Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka
  • Age: 22

One of the most memorable teachers of all time, teacher Onizuka made me laugh more times than I can remember.

He’s a comedic genius, not to mention, that he totally rocks that white suit.

His desire to become a great teacher despite the failed education system and the juvenile students has inspired me in a way.

Everyone deserves a teacher who connects with their students on a deeper level and teaches them more than what’s written in the book.

Onizuka had a great transformation from a street thug to a reputable teacher who decided to help students find a path in life.

8. Souta Kazuma

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: My Senpai is Annoying
  • Age: 24

He’s one of the most average people on this list, he’s a normal office worker who doesn’t prefer to wear a suit but rocks a dress shirt.

And I can relate to that, a suit just seems excessive.

Kazuma is an ordinary office worker who has a crush on his co-worker but he’s hesitant to show or even accept those feelings.

I love how he’s not a simp, he cares for the woman he loves and goes out of his way to help her, and always stays in line.

All of us guys at least once wished that we could have an office romance right?

7. Reigen Arataka

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Mob Psycho
  • Age: 28

I have never seen Reingen without a suit, and it’s probably better for him, you don’t want anyone doubting your professionalism even when you’re outside of work.

He may just be a liar who deceives people to get their money, but he also genuinely cares for the people he meets and wants to help him.

His character development is quite relatable to a lot of people (including me), understanding your own worth and accepting reality for what it is can be difficult.

His most commendable quality is that he’s able to pick himself up no matter how deeply he’s hurt, everyone should always strive to become better.

6. Dietfriend Bougainvillea

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Violet Evergarden
  • Age: 30+

Almost every character in the Violet Evergarden series looks amazing, but Dietfried is beyond handsome no matter what he wears, be it a suit or a military uniform.

He has gone through some serious character development, and I’m sure there are lots of people who still hate him for what he did.

But if it wasn’t for him, the story wouldn’t have ended the way it did.

He was filled with guilt since he was a kid; leaving the family’s responsibilities to his younger brother. 

All he wanted was to apologize to Gilbert and put everything behind him, and he lashed out when he couldn’t.

5. Chrollo Lucifer

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter
  • Age: 26

Although Chrollo’s Phantom Troupe outfit is what he usually wears; however, he does rock a suit quite well. I’d say he’s a natural with the way he shifts his personality.

Chrollo has been a mysterious character throughout the series, the motives behind his actions are still unknown but that is what makes him who he is.

He is unpredictable much like Hisoka; however, unlike him, Chrollo hasn’t expressed any deep desires regarding what he truly wants.

And when someone questions his ideology, he merely steps back claiming he’s trying to find his true self.

4. Sanji

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Age: 21

He may be a pervert who lushes over the thought of seeing a beautiful woman, but he sure amazing in a suit; on top of that, he’s a fantastic cook.

Despite his comedic eccentricities, Sanji takes his duty as a chef quite seriously, so much that he only fights using his kicks to keep his hands clean.

It’s funny to see him and Zoro always be at odds, both of them have different philosophies regarding how to treat women, whereas Zoro believes they should be treated equally, Sanji completely disagrees and continue being a simp.

His lifelong dream is to find the rumored paradise island, All Blue where all sorts of marine life exist.

3. Johan Liebert

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Monster
  • Age: 20-23

As the greatest antagonist of all time, and possibly the perfect human being, Johan undoubtedly looks amazing in a suit.

The series is almost two decades old yet the character, Johan Liebert is still living rent-free in people’s minds.

It’s impossible to forget a character who is capable of manipulating people into committing suicide and someone who’s driven by the desire to destroy everything and everyone around him.

What makes him terrifying is that Johan doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities, he can manipulate people simply by using his words.

And the possibility that a nihilistic person like Johan might even exist in the world is a scary thought.

2. Kento Nanami

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Age: 28

Nanami is never not in a business suit and frankly, that’s the most noticeable thing about him, aside from his aloof personality and constantly tired eyes. He’s the exact opposite of Satoru Gojo.

Nanami is someone who sees the reality of things, he doesn’t live in a fantasy world and understands his actions have consequences.

He never second-guesses himself or sugarcoats the truth, he understands the life of a jujutsu sorcerer is filled with hardships and tough decisions, but he still lives it because he wants to help people.

As someone who struggles to find meaning in his life, Nanami has come a long way from a salaryman who only cared about money to a jujutsu sorcerer who risks his life to save others.

1. Klaus Von Reinherz

Anime Guys In Suits
  • Anime: Blood Blockade Battlefront
  • Age: 28

Technically he wears a vest and not a suit but a vest is usually a part of a three-piece suit so, that justifies me putting Klaus on this list.

Klaus is the best character in the series, he’s always calm, collected, and focused on the objection, he does whatever it takes to achieve his goals and he does it in style.

He is also a great leader, caring about his allies; going above and beyond to help them, even if it means putting his own life on the line or abandoning the mission. 

And the best thing about him is that he trusts in his companions and never doubts their convictions, he believes that everyone has their own reason to fight.

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