AnimeRush is an amazing free non-official anime streaming website that is really popular among people with over a millions of users visiting the website every day.

Anime rush has been around for a long time and you can watch almost any anime you can imagine on the very extensive list of animes available on the platform.

You don’t need to create an account in order to watch the animes, just look up the anime and want to watch and start watching.

What is AnimeRush?

AnimeRush has been around for a really long time, it is among the most popular anime streaming websites available out there like. KissAnime, GogoAnime, and Chia-Anime. You can watch tons of anime available here.
However, anime rush only offers subbed animes.

The design of the website looks really good to the eye, it is so catchy and sparkly. you’ll be surprised how many people prefer to use this website over many others. It’s a very unique website than the rests.

I personally enjoy watching anime here rather than any other website because its easy to stream anime over here rather than any other place.



Website Design

The design of the website is very unique and good looking, everything is right there in front of you, you can see the list of newly update animes and as well as the list of the currently airing anime.

The website looks amazing at first glance and its been has been growing in popularity ever since it was created.

i personally love to use Animerush because it is super easy to watch animes and the layout of the website really nice which helps to navigate.


The website is really easy to navigate for new users and old alike, you can see the list of currently airing animes right at the home-page. As well as the newly updated episodes at the bottom.

You can categorize the anime lists as anime movies or the shows very easily from the menu in one click. And even search animes by genre which makes finding similar animes quite easy.

You can even check out the forums for various different topics, such as anime request or to report a broken episode. Also there is a “Surprise Me!” which takes you to a random anime.

Block-able ads

AnimeRush is a clean website for and there aren’t many ads besides the random pop-ins but you can just disable the ad using an ad-blocker listed below.

  • Google Chrome users can use a simple ad-block extension right here.
  • Firefox users can turn off the ads very easily with this simple extension right here.
  • UC browser has a built-in ad-blocker so you don’t need to add anything

Pop-up ads

The whole website is ads free except the Weird pop-ins but you can just disable those using an ad-blocker, so far i don’t see people complaining about the website and ads in it.

Its safe to say the website doesn’t bother you too many ads and doesn’t interrupt you while watching a video.

Single Source

However, anime rush only has a single anime player, which is good if it is always updated and never breaks down, but there’s been cases when the video is broken or the player doesn’t work on the specific page.

On the positive side, anime rush’s video player is really fast and good for low speed internets which is really good if you’re a mobile user.

AnimeRush Subs only

You can only watch anime in subbed version at anime rush since those are the only ones available.

However, if you love to watch anime in subbed version, anime rush is a perfect website for you because of how easy it is to navigate and look up the anime that interests you.

I talked to a few people who only use anime rush to watch animes and they seem to love it.

What do people say about AnimeRush?

  1. “Anime rush is a really good website, too bad it doesn’t support dubbed anime”
  2. “Anime rush is is like the best website I’ve ever stream anime on”
  3. “kissanime in terms of streaming good animes”
  4. “I’ve used anime rush for years and I got no complaints”
  5. “it’s same as every other website you see for streaming animes, nothing different”

Why you should not visit AnimeRush?

Just like any other anime streaming website, Anime rush is an illegal streaming service that where you watch animes illegally without the permission of their owners.

Websites likes these are alive and millions of users visit them everyday to watch their favorite shows and movies.

and these websites earn their income by using ads.



My real name is Umair and as of right now I am the sole writer/Owner of AnimeInspiration. I love watching sports, action, and sometimes romance anime at a slow pace so pretty much everything depending on my mood. If you have any question feel free to hit me up in the comments section.

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