Anime Twist

Anime Twist is known as Anime Twister is an amazing very unique and simple website for streaming for your favorite anime shows.

Over millions of users visit this website each month and it is only growing in popularity.

You can watch your favorite anime shows from the very extensive list of animes available on the website. However, you can only watch subbed anime.

Anime Twist is completely free and you don’t even need to register an account in order to stream your favorite shows. It is funded by the donations of the users.

Also there is a chat feature if you get bored, you can talk to some people.

Why you should visit Anime Twist

Anime Twist is among the very few popular website websites where you can stream any anime in HD quality.
However, anime twist only offers subbed animes.

The design of the website is very unique and simple perhaps that’s the reason for its massive fanbase of millions of viewers each month. it offers and a very unique experience to the user.

I only came to know about anime twister a few days ago, and yes the website is amazing for streaming animes, but it only provides a single source for watching anime which sometimes can be a little annoying.



No ads

Yes, you heard it correctly! there are no ads on this website and you can watch your favorite shows and movies without being interrupted by ads popping up during videos or having to watch ads before the video even starts.

It makes it perfect if you just want to enjoy watching your animes in peace without being bothered by ads showing ever 2 minutes.

Funded by donations

Anime Twist is funded by donations and it has been like this since the website was created.

This it the way the website supports itself being alive and it is to see and I’ve seen months where there would be 0$ donation for the cause.

If you do love to watch videos on anime twist, you can of-course spare a few bucks to donate to a streaming service you love to enjoy.

Self hosted

Anime twist is self-hosted by the owners which removes the risk of it ever being down because self-hosting a website gives you the power and manages each and everything.

Hosting a website yourself ensures that your website stays alive on the internet as long you want it to be and if you have the servers to keep it running. Which i do believe they do

Self-hosted websites cost less and because you can be sure they will be around for a long time and reduces the risk of being taken down by a hosting service.

Anime Twist Subs only

Anime twist only supports subbed versions on animes uploaded on their websites, the website is yes quite simplistic.

And if you love subbed animes this is perfect for you because you can watch your favorite shows without worrying about ads popping up every few minutes.

Over millions of people use anime twist everyday and they are really love it.

Bad navigation

The website isn’t really easy to navigate if you are looking for something really specific.

You can view the list of all the animes showing up on the homepage and you can even search animes from the search bar but you also need to know the names of the animes you are currently watching.

Its difficult to find similar animes because you can’t search them by genre or popular anime series.

Single source

Anime Twist only offers you a single streaming player which makes it a bit difficult if for some reason the player isn’t working or the video is broken

having multiple streaming players is always nice in-case there is a problem and a player stops working.

the current single player provides multiple options to select the quality of the video.

What do people say about Anime Twist

  1. “Anime twist is a really good website I like using it”
  2. “Its a really simple website and you can watch any anime you want, what more do you need?”
  3. “Anime Twister is a really popular streaming website”
  4. “I love using anime twister because of it so simple and easy to watch anime, without worrying about the ads”
  5. “Anime twister is the best website I’ve used because it is so simple and unique.

Why you should not visit Anime Twist?

Just like any other free anime streaming out there. Anime Twist is an illegal streaming service because they show anime episodes without the proper permission from the respected owners.

However, anime twister doesn’t show ads on their platform it somehow separates them from the rest of the hundreds of anime websites because it is solely funded by donations.



My real name is Umair and as of right now I am the sole writer/Owner of AnimeInspiration. I love watching sports, action, and sometimes romance anime at a slow pace so pretty much everything depending on my mood. If you have any question feel free to hit me up in the comments section.

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