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AnimeVibe is a very popular anime website that came alive in 2018 and is going higher and higher in its view count. until 2020 when it began its downfall to almost 50%.

You can watch almost any anime from its very extensive catalogue of anime titles in HD quality, also it supports both subbed and dubbed animes.

You are not required to create an account in order to stream your favorite anime shows but that option is available if you would like to save your streaming settings.

What is AnimeVibe?

Anime Vibe is one of the top free anime streaming websites where you can watch any anime in HD quality. You can watch both the subbed and dubbed versions available on the website.

The website is built very well but a few of the features are either missing or just don’t work but you can still watch your favorite shows without too much trouble.

I myself tried the website for a few weeks and honestly, it’s not super great but it’s not too bad either. You can watch your favorite shows without ads. Yes, the website is ads-free.

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Subs and Dubs

Anime vibe provides both subbed and dubbed versions of the animes and it has been really growing in popularity.

Anime vibe is a perfect website for you if you love watching anime. All the animes are updated regularly on multiplayer streaming players.

So you can always stream you favorite shows without needing to wait.

Free of ads

There are no ads on the website so you can watch your favorite shows without being interrupted by ads or having to watch an ad before starting a new episode.

ads are the only way these websites support themselves either this or being funded by the audience.

It’s perfect if you just want to watch your anime and movies without worrying about the pop-ups showing every few minutes during the video.

Multiple video players

Animevibe offers multiple streaming players in-case one or a few stopped working you can always try the other one.

As of right now, animevibe has over 5 different streaming sources which are updated simultaneously which is a good characteristic of the streaming website.


You can always download the animes during the playback of the video. However, you do need to use the MP4-upload server for that.

You can download the anime in different qualities except 1080p. As of right now animevibe doesn’t include 1080p animes.

Funded by donation

Completely funded by donations! the website does not contain any ads which separate it from hundred other streaming websites out there.

However, not many people donate to streaming services such as this, a lowly new website. But since there are no websites, its automatically enters the better websites category.

Easy Navigation

I love the navigation on AnimeVibe, You can categorize the animes by the popularity, newly updates and separate them from subbed to dubbed.

There is a Advanced anime search like in Kissanime which lets you find specific animes by their genre.

Confusing Layout

The website is over-all great and good in many ways, but I can’t help but notice the design and the layout of the website is quite confusing if you’re a new user.

What do people say about AnimeVibe?

  1. “Animevibe is a new website compared to others but I prefer to watch anime on here mainly because it is really easy”
  2. “Its really easy to watch anime on here I got no complaints”
  3. “You can watch anything on here there is no need to use another website”
  4. ” I’ve been using animevibe for over a year now, its not that good but its a fine website”

AnimeVibe is illegal?

If you are wondering the legalities of using a free anime streaming service and is it safe.

Streaming anime for free is not legal i can tell you that, and creating money from piracy of other people’s content is against the law.

But i would say just because there are no ads on this website that makes it safer more legal than other website and it doesn’t harm you to stream your favorite animes. It is completely safe.



My real name is Umair and as of right now I am the sole writer/Owner of AnimeInspiration. I love watching sports, action, and sometimes romance anime at a slow pace so pretty much everything depending on my mood. If you have any question feel free to hit me up in the comments section.

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