6 Funny Anime like Koikimo It’s Too Sick to Call This Love

Anime like Koikiko It's too sick to call this love

Koikimo AKA It’s Too Sick to Call this Love is a romantic comedy anime of spring 2021. which is your typical age gap love romance comedy about a high school teenage girl who saves the life (if you can call it that) of an adult salaryman who ends up falling for her in the process.

There’s plenty of anime like Koikimo where teenage romantic comedy comes to life tho not exactly like Koikimo where an adult man falls in love with a high school girl and does everything he can to impress, I’ve certainly seen some animes with same story but it’s always exciting to see new animes.

Sometimes this kind of anime can get a little weird and cringe based on how well is the story was written or how is the character development process where both characters learn to make the sacrifice and accept the other person for who they are, but right now I don’t think there is any and if there is I didn’t see any.

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Anime Like It’s Too Sick to Call This Love, Koikimo

1. I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home., Higehiro

Anime like Koikimo

Both shows came out on the same season and have quite a lot in common, while Higehiro is more a more serious show oriented towards character development, Koikimo is your basic comedy anime with a little twist where an older character falls in love with a teenager due to some circumstances and can’t help but act on impulse.

both animes have a similar story where an adult guy meets a high school girl and somehow their life is connected in some way, while in Koikimo the male protagonist is a handsome and creepy guy with a childish mentality, in Higehiro the protagonist feels sad on the situation of the poor girl and chooses his action to take care of her.

Our both female leads are at the age of teenage high school but both of them couldn’t have more different stories, one girl who came all the way to Tokyo, leaving everything behind, and the other one who just by happenstance save a guy who was falling on some stairs.

It could be argue that these shows and nothing alike and I would totally agree but seeing both these shows give you a different perspective on life.

2. After the Rain

Anime like Koikimo

Sometimes you don’t have control over your feelings and don’t know how to contain them, After the Rain is quite similar to Koikimo in a way. The male lead and Female both lose their will to move on and can’t be the after bad things happen to them, such as getting rejected by the woman you love or a foot injury that stops you from achieving your goals in life.

Both animes have an a age gap between the two character but it is eventually ignored as the time pass by and they get closer together, we’ve seen this in many animes haven’t we? but it’s always fun to see new anime like these, which do seem a bit weird at first but slowly start making sense.

Both character need a place to feel safe or someone who would tell them that everything is going to be okay and It doesn’t matter if that person is older than you or younger than you but how do you feel about them in your heart.

the overall vibe of the anime is quite amazing refreshing which will make you feel loved just by watching.

3. Horimiya

Anime like Koikimo

Horimiya came out in winter 2021 and It was honestly the best romance anime I’ve seen in a long time, It’d be a lie otherwise. Both these animes are set in a high school theme doing regular high school stuff and one day meeting someone who will change your life forever.

Horimiya and Koikimo wouldn’t exactly be alike in every way but we do see the characters being completely different from one another and slowly trying to understand each other until they finally become a couple who is accepted by everyone around them.

But again, Koikimo is your basic comedy anime with nothing to teach and over-the-top comedy to carry the dumb story while Horimiya is a unique blend of so many emotions which I couldn’t explain even if I wanted to.

Both male characters are somewhat distant from everyone, lost in their world doing things they don’t enjoy until they found someone special and begin to change themselves for the better for the sake of that special someone.

4. Maid Sama!

Anime like Koikimo

Both anime revolves around a really popular guy who is good at almost everything he does but has no interest in people or whatever goes on in the world until they meet a special someone who becomes a really important part of their life. You try your best to impress that person but they just find you creepy and wants nothing to do with you.

Both animes have a really big dose of comedy where both male character absolutely care deeply for the girl and do everything in their power to be with them and make them no matter how simple or weird it is.

Both male and female characters have very similar stories where the guy is crazy rich and popular but the girl lives in a simple how and does her regular chores like any ordinary person. both characters have a very similar vibe and lifestyle.

Maid Sama and Koikimo are so much alike someone could argue that Koikimo is a cheap rip-off of Maid Sama and I wouldn’t think it’s a lie.

5. Say “I Love You”.

Anime like Koikimo

It’s been a long time I saw this anime but I remember how amazing it was, both shows have quite the similar high school vibe and revolves the story around the female who lives a simple life, away from people, and likes to be alone because of what happened in her middle school days Until a misunderstanding causes her to meet a popular student.

The male protagonist finds her intriguing and wants to know more about her but she denies all access to her personal life until one day she is saved by him when a stalker is after her and our male protagonist ends up saving her.

She starts developing feelings for him but she isn’t sure if she should allow herself to again trust someone other than her, she doesn’t necessarily stop him to entering her life and she just wants to be happy in the end.

Just like in Koikimo our male lead wants to be closer to her and protect her from everything bad that haunts her and to let her know that everything will be fine now that she is with him.

6. My Little Monster

Anime like Koikimo

Both these shows have a very similar story with a selfish arrogant female lead who is so self-centered who doesn’t care about anything or anyone other than her grades until she meets Haru, a trouble maker who skips school a lot.

Haru has a good understanding of human nature so upon first meeting Shizuku he decides to befriend her and confess his feelings to her. To which Shizuku acts a bit surprised but doesn’t mind.

Both characters learn to grow and understand each other and become friends but somehow still have trouble understanding their relationship. because both of them have been isolated from people for their own reasons.

Both these shows have a good dose of comedy and a good enough story to keep you hooked to see how everything works out between them. The overall vibe of the show is quite similar but, I would still say my little monster is a 100 times better than Koikimo.

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