10 Funny Anime Like Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

Anime Like Nagatoro San

I think Nagatoro San is one of the most anticipated shows of the spring season, It was overhyped way too much and after seeing the first episode I can say for certain that the only people who are going to enjoy this show are masochists. I’m not sure what I saw or was there anything entertaining about that, the anime is basically a copy of Takagi-san but 10 times extreme.

It’s a similar story with many other animes where the main character is a loner who sits by himself and doesn’t have any friends until he meets a chatty social girl who changes his life around most of the time for the better. There are many anime like don’t toy with me Miss Nagatoro San which you will enjoy lots more than this.

But the amount of disturbance I felt watching this show can’t be expressed in words alone you have to watch it for yourself, The male MC is a sad sack who reminds you of yourself for not knowing how to deal with a bully, maybe the anime is just too realistic for my taste, I will list animes that are similar to Nagatoro san but are probably better.

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Here are anime like Nagatoro San which you will definitely enjoy

1. Skilled Teaser Takagi-san

anime like don't toy with me miss nagatoro Nagatoro San

Both of these shows have a very similar story, Takagi San is a romance anime between a really chatty and eccentric girl and not shy but rather an average kid who is constantly being teased by the female lead. While one Nagatoro San take things to an extreme is teasing our poor little MC, Takagi San is a more light hearted show where both characters are involved in the teasing and try to take revenge in a fun way.

We have a male lead who is your average typical school student that likes to hang out with friends and do normal stuff who can’t help but get involved in the shenanigans of Takagi on the other hand in Nagatoro San, our MC is a sad excuse for a human being who just wants to live his life in solitude because he is too scared to accept that creating manga is cool.

Our female leads in both anime are a handful, Nagatoro San is your typical Gal stereotype who just wants to be involved in trouble and everything bad. Takagi San is more like a girl who wants to be close to you be it confessing to your face or teasing you just enough that you don’t feel hatred toward her.

Both of these anime have so much in common from the first episode you can understand that it is a love story between these two character, slowly build up a connection.

2. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

anime like Nagatoro San

Uzaki Chan is very much an anime like Nagatoro san, very similar story with one another a romance story between two university students, we have one guy who is not very social and likes to be by himself not because he’s a loner but because he couldn’t care less about people, that is until our female lead Uzaki chan comes in his life. Apparently, they know each other from high school or something, when Uzaki sees his senpai being all alone she feels bad for him and tries to be around him to keep him company.

Our male lead is a normal university student who isn’t part of your normal social groups and doesn’t want to involved in any activities but gets roped into them because of a freshman who knew him from high school. Even tho he doesn’t want anything to do with her, he can’t help it with Uzaki chan’s persistent personality.

There is quite a lot of history with Uzaki-Chan with twitter going crazy over her character design which was bad enough that many cosplayers had to step in to save the show defending her body design. Uzaki is an eccentric girl who just wants to hangout with you but more than that she cares about you, 10 times better than Nagatoro San.

So if you still haven’t decided to watch the show, I don’t know what are you waiting for. Give it a try, you’re gonna love it.

3. Dagashi Kashi

anime like Nagatoro San

I fell in love with this show the moment I first saw it, It’s a really niche interest anime which is just so refreshing to watch and get educated on different types of candies or Dagashi (which is another term for candy). The thing that got me hooked was the female lead Hotaru Shidare who is another exciting specimen, she is completely all about dagashi, her father runs a company and she comes to a little village to hire the owner of a great Dagashi shop.

our male lead is quite similar to Nagatoro in one way, he is also a manga artist and is quite passionate about it, so much so that he wants nothing to with his father’s dagashi shop but become a manga artist full time until she meets Hotaru who flips his life upside down, teaching him all sorts of stuff about Dagashi and wanting him to take over his father’s shop.

I believe everyone will agree that there is only one reason we all stayed and watched the show and that is Hotaru, Im in love with her character design, her personality and everything that makes her the best girl from this entire list. She cares about so many things but she know what’s important, she won’t force you into that decision but will wait patiently until you come around.

I can’t stress this enough that how much Dagashi Kashi is better than Nagatoro San so please give this a show a watch, you will love it!

4. Magical Sempai

anime like Nagatoro San

Magical Senpai is just a blast of comedy and fan service mixed perfectly or not. there are many memes are this show which makes this an iconic Series to watch and enjoy, It’s a show about magic with your beautiful senpai with a lot of fanservice what more do you want? the story is quite similar as well with our male lead being a normal everyday student and the female lead is a magical junkey who doesn’t know magic.

we have our male MC who one day gets roped into a magical club where he is bound by the magic of a senpai who wants him to be a part of the magic club, at first he is totally against but later he comes around being her assistant and doing chores for her. I’m quite sure the reason is that Senpai is a complete hottie but you can decide that for yourself.

We have our meme senpai I mean Magical Senpai who is just the best, she wants to teach you magic. she likes to get roped and tied and seeing her struggle is just a 10/10, you will get hooked when you start watching the first episode.

It’s basically just a gag show with no real story or character development but It is still a funny show.

5. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

anime like Nagatoro San

There isn’t much common between these two anime, there is basically a story between two very different characters who become so important part of each other’s lives that they don’t know or even want to function without the other. the show is basically about students with special talents who get sent to Sakura Hall because they are too good to be in regular dorm rooms.

Our male lead is a very normal student who has no future goals in life but just goes with the flow until he is also sent to Sakura for trying to care for multiple cats when cats aren’t allowed in normal dorms. So he moves into Sakura Hall finding owners for his cats so he can move back to the regular dorm until he meets a charming painting prodigy.

Our female lead is a quite different from any girls on this list, she has spend her life trying to be the best painter there is, abandoning everything that was dear to her just to pursue her career which wasn’t on purpose, she just didn’t knew any better. She moves into sakura and learn many new things about life.

I came around watching this anime many years after it was initially released but I’m glad I watched it when I did. It’s really amazing.

6. Tsuredure Children

anime like Nagatoro San

Tsuredure Children is a very unique and interesting anime, the anime covers multiple love stories between 4 different couples, or high school students who gradually fall for one another. It’s basically a show with multiple love stories between high school students which are quite enjoyable in my opinion, we see all kinds of different characters.

There’s isn’t one specific plot point that matches with Nagatoro which I would drag in this post, Tsuredure Children is a light romance anime about highschool students with so many characters with different personalities.. Goofy characters, cool characters, characters who like to tease the other person.

There isn’t any life lesson or characters you can closely relate to at any point but It’s just a comedy anime that will make you smile multiple times, tho it is definitely a show that I enjoyed very much.

7. Toradora!

anime like Nagatoro San

With quite the familiar settings in both shows and with a strong female lead, I can say for certain that Toradora is an anime like Nagatoro san. Our male MC is not exactly anything special but sticks out quite more than the other kids however is a normal guy, on his first day of high school he meets the palmtop tiger AKA Taiga who is quite popular.

in both shows our male lead is an normal student who is roped into a weird relation with the female MC, he can argue not to be with her but he feels sympathy for her trying to help be with her the guy she likes but we all know how that ends.

Taig has a strong personality which doesn’t help blend in class with other students, she is love with someone who doesn’t see her the same, one day she decides to send him a love letter which ends up to our male MC who then decides to help her.

Both shows have a similar setting in one way or another except the male in Toradora isn’t a sad excuse for a human.

8. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

anime like Nagatoro San

Both animes have similar in one way or another, there isn’t a strong female lead who wants to cause trouble for the male MC (not like Nagatoro San) but with a more serious tone to the entire show, both characters have their ups and down and both of them do not want to lose to one another. It is basically a romance anime like any other.

both our male lead and the female lead are quite popular in the entire student body while the Miyuki is the student council president, Kaguya acts as the vice president and while everyone knows they have feeling for one another including them, they refuse to admit it.

Thinking that whoever confesses their feelings first is sign of admitting defeat as both of them are quite competitive but we all know how it is going to end, we just have to wait and see how they deliver it.

9. Horimiya

anime like Nagatoro San

Horimiya is a sensation, It’s not just an anime, It’s a feeling … It’s a mood! enough with that. Both animes have somewhat similarities as both are set in a highschool environment there isn’t an annoying female lead like Nagatoro San who wants to annoy our poor MC but is a princess who has a clean heart but hide a dirty little secret from the entire school. while our male lead is lonely guy who is quite relateable, I wouldn’t wanna spoil it.

Kiyoko Hori is your typical highschool crush that you wish to be with but she was always quite far away. It isn’t like she thinks too high of herself but she lives in a different world from you and while you want to be with her you know it will never happen, but what if it does?

Miyamura has become the most love-able character in 2021 and I’m sure people will not change their feelings toward him, he keeps to himself until one day by coincidence he helps Hori’s little brother and meets her in their house.

There isn’t much relation to both the animes but a popular girl changing life of a lonely student is the same.

10. Hyouka

anime like Nagatoro San

Both shows are set in a high school setting with one male lead who just wants to keep everything to himself, in short he is lazy, but maybe not entirely.. He doesn’t like to waste energy on stuff that doesn’t help him in any way, but his lazy lifestyle begin to change when he meets Eru Chitanda, an eccentric curious girl who is always curious about everything and drags Oreki with him.

Our male lead is a really smart guy who is capable of understand and solving mysteries around the school but he chooses not to do so because he just lazy like we all are, but he is also smart like we are not.

Female lead is a delight in every way, I have never been captivated by someone’s personality like her, she is always curious about many things to keep herself occupied, she one day enters the literature club but she is locked inside, now a normal student would just think someone closed the door behind her by mistake or something but she wants to get to the bottom of this in which Oreki helps her.

This definitely an anime which is suited better for your time than watching Nagatoro san but If you have seen it, I’d recommend you give this a try. There isn’t any extreme teasing but it’s definitely a show you would wanna watch.

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