10+ Hype Burning Kabaddi Quotes You Will Definitely Love

Shakunetsu Kabaddi Quotes

Now, this is what I’m talking about! we finally got Burning Kabaddi Quotes our sports anime of 2021 and it’s just not your regular sports anime, it’s Kabaddi! one of the most intense and fun sports of India/Pakistan.

I read somewhere about a Kabaddi anime that will be getting released in 2021 and I was so excited to hear that. I was eagerly waiting for it and now that I have seen it animated. I gotta say, I’m not disappointed.

Sports anime are always a gift from the heavens, with no dumb over-the-top fan service to carry out a dumb storyline. and just pure tryhard action throughout the show in each and every battle.

I can fangirl about sports anime all day and I would still have more things to say, so let’s just read the best Burning Kabaddi Quotes.

Burning Kabaddi Quotes

Yoigoshi Quotes

Burning Kabaddi Quotes

A world where I can delete those I don‘t like with a single finger. This is the best

Yoigoshi Tatsuya

Azemichi Souma Quotes

Burning Kabaddi Quotes

Yoigoshi, when I dragged you here, I felt sorta bad about it. But now I‘m glad. While we‘ve been competing, your face has said that you‘re having fun.

Azemichi Souma
Azemichi Souma Quotes

Yoigoishi starting right now, we are teammates. I am counting on you.

Azemichi Souma

Iura Kei Quotes

Burning Kabaddi Quotes

I‘ve lost count of how many godly live casters I‘ve created this way. They‘re all dummy accounts, but people do gather where there are people, right?

Iura Kei

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