Horimiya Season 2: Is There A Chance? Everything You Need To Know

Horimiya Season 2

One of the most beloved shows of Winter 2021 is finally ended. Horimiya has been one of the most amazing romance anime shows I have ever seen, I believe everyone in the anime community is really sad to see this wonderful show leave us.

Horimiya Season 2 seems very unlikely right now, During the anime, we saw that lots of the chapters from the manga were skipped and I mean a lot of chapters which makes you think that they were only planning to air one season and finish it right there. During an interview with the director, he said:

Now for the final episode, I want you to feel that this is where “Horimiya” will end.

Masashi Ishihama

Quite Predictably, anime was rushed into an ending, the show was quite incoherent especially for people who haven’t read the manga, most of the time a new episode came I wasn’t sure if this continues from the last episode or is it a different arc, it was almost like they took bits and pieces from each arc and combined them into one episode.

In the last episode, many skipped arcs were shown in Slideshows at the end which made everyone quite sad about this and took this to social Media to vent their frustration.

Though there is some hope for the 2nd season or rather a movie and I will tell you why. Even tho there were many chapters skipped and the show was very much rushed into a happy ending. but what about the chapters which were skipped who knows maybe they’ll animate a movie Including all the missed chapters or two just like how Bunny Girl Senpai ended the franchise with a movie.

But, even that is a long shot. I believe the outcome will most likely depend on the profit the show made which I assume would be a lot since everyone loved the show very much. who knows maybe we will soon (in a month) hear from the studio about the release of the movie.

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I hope that that helps, even if a little bit.

Horimiya Season 2

It seems very unlikely, but fortunately, there are currently 2 OVA Episodes scheduled for May 2021 titled “Midsummer Day” and “A Kind Person” which I’m sure will make many of us really happy.

I don’t currently know what will be covered in the OVA but I hope it’s the skipped chapters from anime.

Did you know? The End Credit for the last episode showed us all the chapter which were skipped in the anime? Here have a look.

The one I would really miss would’ve been the Cultural Festival and maybe going to the Zoo or a beach episode, but who knows maybe we’ll one of those in the upcoming OVA or movie.

Horimiya Complete Recap

You can just skip this part if you don’t want a recap but I feel like I should write one, for Myself and for anyone who wants to relive the story.

Miyamura is the main protagonist of the show, he is a lonely person who doesn’t have many friends or people to talk to, his childhood was not an easy win. He grew up with not many people on his side and he has always cast away from the group, he would sit alone and wouldn’t bother talking to anyone and just live his life on his own.

But one day he on his way he finds a little kid (souta) who was hurt because he fell down so he takes him to his own which is also Hori’s home, when he decides to leave Hori stops him and offers him a cake as thank you. While Hori doesn’t recognize it is Miyamura, a boy who sits in the same class as her, Miyamura tells her he didn’t expect her to be this different outside of school.

The start dating soon after that incident and many things happen, they make new friends.. the story progress towards the rest of the group and now just Miyamura and Hori.

Until the day of Graduation and beyond, Thank you Horimiya

Now there is nothing more left to say except.. This is goodbye and It’s been a happy and lovely time.

Umair Shahid

I love sports anime and love writing about them.

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