32 Best Hot Anime Girls That will blow your mind

Anime girls are of many kind be it cute, beautiful or even hot and sexy. But what makes a hot anime girl?

I wouldn’t want to bore you with my definition of what a hot anime girl is, for many people it’s different. But I can assure you that is the list you’re gonna be thankful for. Also, I will keep updating this list as we get more anime girls next season.

Keep reading to see if your favorite hot anime girl made it to this list and if I missed a girl from the new series, let me know in the comments. Also, the list isn’t ranked well, I mean I tried at first but then I lost it.

I tried to not pick more than 2 girls from each anime, as it would fill up the list more quickly and it wouldn’t be fair, also I didn’t want to make the list too long so that people might get bored.

So, Lets get into it!

1. Rias Gremory, Highschool DxD

If there is going to be a list of hot anime girls you can bet your sweet stars the girls from “Highschool DxD” are going to be included.

Rias Gremory hot and sexy

Rias Gremory is the main female protagonist and the heiress to the highest-ranking devil line after her older brother. She is a third-year at Kuoh Academy and the president of the Occult Research Club.

She has absolutely beautiful long and red crimson hairs which are the most unique feature about our favorite Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess.

She is very kind and forgiving toward her servants, also she is very proud of her family name. However, she does not want to be seen as heiress to the Gremory household since that is the whole reason she came to earth.

2. Akeno Himejima, Highschool DxD

Akeno Himejima hot and sexy

Akeno Himejima is definitely among the top 3 from many gorgeous female hotties in Highschool DxD. She is also a first-year student at Kuoh Academy and best friend of Rias Gremory as well as her Queen Evil Piece.

She has a very voluptuous figure, beautiful long hair that reaches down to her legs and violet eyes which are definitely the qualities of a perfect girl in my opinion.

She has a very delightful and alluring personality and she maintains a perfect act of being a very elegant and gentlewoman. She never had any interest in dating due to what happened in her past but due to issei helping her she fell in love with him and confessed her feelings to him

3. Albedo, Overlord


Albedo is definitely the fan-favorite female lead amongst others. She is the overseer of the guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is in charge of supervising and managing all that takes place on the seven floors

An impeccable beauty Albedo is a Succubus with glistening black hairs where your eyes might get lost with the face of a goddess. She has golden, shiny Iris with black pupils and wears a pure white dress along with the silky white gloves.

Despite being a succubus Albedo behaves quite well in-front of their leader Ainz Ooal Gown. She has a really clingy and obsessive personality, she is always trying to win the affection of their leader Ainz.

4. Irina Jelavic, Assassination Classroom

Irina Jelavic

Irina Jelavic appears later in the early episodes but sticks around till the end. She is the English teacher at Kunugigaoka Junior High School assigned to the class 3-E. Did I mention she is a professional hitwoman?

She is tall and a very beautiful woman with really fair skin, she has really shiny blond hairs which only compliment her fair skin, her eyes are light blue like the color of the sky. She always wears high-end fashionable clothing.

Earlier in the show, she appeared to be very arrogant and overbearing only caring about her assassination mission and not even a little bit concerned about her students, therefore, receiving the name “Bitch Sensei” by her class.

5. Ino Yamanaka, Naruto

Ino Yamanaka

Tho there are many gorgeous girls in Naruto. Ino Yamanaka is definitely the sexiest girl throughout the whole series, especially later in the show after the great ninja war. She is part of team 10 also known as Team Asuma.

She has light blue eyes and her hairs are pure blond with different lengths shown throughout the series. Towards the end of the series, Ino appeared the most stunning with her long open hair covering the right eye. Even Sai mentioned that she looks beautiful.

She has a very bold personality with the occasional shyness and she is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

6. Orihime Inoue, Bleach

Orihime Inoue
Orihime Inoue

Personally I haven’t seen bleach so all of the information is from Bleach Fandom.

Orihime is the fans favorite shy and sexy girl from the bleach series

7. Merlin, Seven Deadly Sins


Merlin is also known as the Boar Sin of Gluttony. She’s a member of the seven deadly sins also considered the strongest mage in the entire Britannia empire (she might even be the strongest in the entire human world).

Her sacred treasure is the Morning star Alden which is a magical sphere that she can summon anytime she wishes to, also using it in conjunction with her magic.

She has an authoritative personality and playful nature often teasing her opponents. She has a keen sense of strategy and the ability to stay calm during tough situations.

She’s a really attractive lady with quite a sexy charm to her. She often wears quite revealing outfits and looks classy during any battle. She has her seven deadly sins tattoo located on her neck.

8. Sakaki Ryoko, Food Wars

Sakaki Ryoko

Food Wars! is one of the most ecchi anime I have seen and also one of my favorite. I got into the show mainly because of its popularity. This show is simply amazing because of all the characters, Storyline, Animation and of-course the badass Shokugeki

Sakaki Ryoko is a member at the polar star dormitory who doesn’t stand out much compared to her other more energetic and loud dorm-mates. She is a really kind person and is always there to comfort others when they are upset, kind of like a big sister of the whole group.

She is quite sexy with her slim figure, large bust, and curves in all the right places. Sakaki has long fuchsia hair that reaches her chest. Definitely a high tier hot anime girl.

9. Saeko Busujima, Highschool of the dead

Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima is a third-year student at Fujimi Highschool and very skilled at combat. She is a kendo master since she can perform a very powerful single strike enough to kill a man. Earlier in the show, she uses a wooden bokken sword, whenever there is a tough situation you can always expect her to do something about it.

Despite being really skilled at kendo killing arts she is still a third-year high school student, throughout the entire show Saeko is shown to be a very kind, caring, and reliable person. She falls in love with Takeshi and gets very jealous when another girl tries to get close to him.

Saeko has long and shiny purple hairs, a very athletic body, and quite tall for a Japanese girl.

10. Maki Oze, Fireforce

Maki Oze

Maki Oze is a second-generation fire soldier under special fire force Company 8 former soldier at Tokyo military she is said to be exceptionally skilled at fighting, able to handle multiple opponents at the same time, she proves her fighting skill earlier in a fight against Arthur where she disarms him with ease. she is tough and definitely, she is a hot anime girl.

She has long dark hairs which are usually covering her forehead with violet eyes and she has quite a muscly figure. She mostly wears a black sleeveless top and black trousers with a belt in the middle.

She has a really funny and clumsy personality, always ready to help her company in any way she can and occasionally she often creates two cute Fire Spirits to play around with and gets bashed by Takehisa.

11. Hibana, Fireforce


Hibana is a third-generation pyrokinetic and captain of special fire force Company 5. She is also known as Princess Hibana of company 5. She grew up in an orphanage with her friend Iris and other sisters. She was quite smart, talented, and being the only pyrokinetic she was admired by other sisters for her ability to create fiery flowers.

She first appears to be quite arrogant and a sadistic person who enjoys inflicting pain upon others. She is driven by revenge for the people who killed her sisters. After confronting Shina she becomes much kinder, caring, and open with her feelings.

She is definitely my top sexiest girl from Fireforce with her tanned skin, considerable bust, and her V-shaped sleeveless white pencil dress.

12. Esdeath, Akame Ga Kill!


Esdeath is a high-rank general for the Empire, later becoming the leader under the order from the emperor to take out the Night Raid. She contains the power of an ancient relic called Demons Extract which allows her to use the demonic ice powers. However, attaining this ability requires the user to have incredible willpower.

She is merciless and a sadist who takes pleasure in torturing people who she deems weak, she treats her comrades very well, letting them do as they wish. She doesn’t care about killing innocent people to get what she wants.

Ruthless she may be but she has a soft spot for guys who can fight with a smile. She is a tall, beautiful woman with a very graceful body, she has light blue hair and blue eyes. And she is quite a wild beast in the bed.

13. Shizuka Marikawa, Highschool of the dead

Shizuka Mirakawa

Highschool of the Dead is the only ecchi anime I have seen which takes place in an apocalyptic world and it is definitely among the top ecchi anime of all time.

Shizuka is one of the many sexy female leads and the only adult member of the zero survivor group with medical knowledge, she plays the main role of an adult figure taking care of others when she needs to.

She has a klutzy and ditzy personality and is quite oblivious to the situation about what’s going on in the world in other words she’s a Bimbo. At the beginning of the show she was found to be sleeping on her desk.

She has an enormous bust with ridiculous curves, long blonde hairs down to her waist, and hazel eyes. She always appears to be sleepy but under special situations, she looks deadly serious.

14. Naruse Mio, The Testament of Sister New Devil

Naruse Mio

Mio is the main female lead of the series and a half-demon. She is the daughter of the demon lord Wilbert and her human mother Ashe. After the death of her father, many other demons tried to kill her but she was saved by her guardian and came to earth.

She in many ways resembles Rias Gremory from highschool DxD. Her crimson red hair, demon princess, a big bust, the highschool uniform, And kinda same ecchi uncensored plot. Which is a good enough reason to add her to the list.

She appears to be a very calm and quiet person around strangers but very talkative around her friends and very quick to anger when someone close to her is treated badly or harmed. She has a very curvaceous figure and sizable bouncy boobs.

15. Stella Vermillion, Chivalry of the failed knight

Stella Vermillion

Stella Vermillion also known as the Crimson Princess is the main protagonist of the series. She is a high ranking blazer and over 10 times stronger than a normal blazer, viewed as a prodigy that is born once a decade but lacks control over her powers. So she must work extra hard to obtain control over her abilities.

Being the princess of the Vermillion Empire certainly goes through her head, she has a feisty personality and is really quick to anger and certainly territorial as she wants to be the woman who makes Ikki the happiest.

Despite being reckless and impulsive, she is quite the hot young woman with average height, long crimson hairs, red eyes, and lovely skin. She certainly has a voluptuous body and quite a curvaceous figure.

16. Miia, Daily Life With A Monster Girl

Miia hot and sexy

We all love animal girls, be it catgirls, bunny girls, or whichever. Monster Musume is an anime that exhibits many different species of hot anime girls which is a 10/10 from me.

Miia is a snake girl also known as Lamia, she is the first female lead to appear in the show as part of the Culture Exchange Between Species and be part of the Kurusu household. She falls in love with Kihimito very deeply and is always trying to seduce him with her seductive charms, taking every opportunity to be close to him. She always refers to him as Darling.

Being an exchange being from different species, Lamia’s are known to be very seductive with high sex drive. Miia has a lustful personality however her feelings of love toward Kimihito are genuine and short-tempered when someone tries to come between her and Kimihito.

She has long red hairs, amber eyes with snake pupils, white skin, she has a bosomy body and a voluptuous figure, her main trait is her long red tail.

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17. Centorea Shianus, Monster Musume


Centorea or as Kimihito refers to her as Sarea is among the other ladies of the Kurusu Household and also is in love with Kimihito and is always competing with the other ladies in the house. We first see Sarea chasing a thief where she bumps into Kimihito and being the good guy he is, Kimihito tries to help Sarea. The situation gets real bad real quick, trying to save Centorea, Kimihito takes a bad wound.

Centorea is a from a Centaur Species which is generally a warring tribe mainly referred to themselves are warriors and behaves very honorable chivalrous and always referred to herself as a knight. She always stands up when there is trouble and does what she can to resolve it. Sarea often gets flustered when she is alone with Kimihito, even though she is quite lewd when it comes to fantasizing about him.

Sarea has really fair skin, very long blonde hairs which are always tied to a high ponytail and light blue eyes, she has a very large bosom (fourth biggest in the show). Her main trait is her centaur-like lower body and human upper body.

18. Nami, One Piece


Nami is our beloved and a really iconic character from One piece, one of the longest ongoing series yet. Now Nami also known as Cat Burglar is the Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates who only wishes to map-out the entire world which is really amazing. Nami first joined Straw Hat Pirates to rob them and give the loot to her original crew so she could buy her village. But later join them after they defeat the Arlong Pirates.

Nami grew up hating pirates, despised them all her life after losing someone really close to her, that is until she met Luffy. She often reminded him that not all pirates are like him. Nami had a shy but brave personality at the beginning of the show but she later grew into a scary lady often yelling at the crew.

She is easily shocked by the strange things that happen in the series despite experiencing these things many times. Nami has a really greedy personality, she loves money more than anything. But I assume it is because of her childhood, she grew up very poor which led her mother to death.

19. Boa Hancock, One Piece

Boa Hancock

The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock is the captain of Kuja Pirates and the current empress of the Amazon Lily known as the Snake Princess. She first appeared as the antagonist of the show, she first appeared to be very selfish and arrogant who always tries to get her own way through any means before she becomes friends with Monkey D. Luffy and later falls in love with him.

Boa Hancock is definitely the hottest and sexiest anime character in the series and also considered the most beautiful woman in the entire world. She is a tall gorgeous woman with long black hair reaching down to her waist, she has a very slim figure with a large buxom. She has dark blue eyes and long eyelashes, she has a very curvaceous figure and pale skin.

She often changes her outfits, at the beginning of the series she wore a very exposed red blouse which revealed her chest and a loose open sarong which exposed her slender legs.

20. Ako Tamaki, And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?

Ako Tamaki

Ako Tamaki is the main female lead of the show Netoge no Yome Wa Onnanoko Ja Nai to Omotta? She is a game obsessed mess who is often absent from her class and is very socially awkward with people in real life. However, she’s quite talkative in her games with her friends.

During her school time, Ako is very shy and a quiet girl, many of her classmates often wonder if she is okay or if there is something wrong with her? She lives in a delusional gaming world of her own. Now here’s a catch ‘Ako is a true gamer and only prefers to have gamer friends. Ako hates normies’.

Despite being an awkward mess and having social skills of a chair. Ako is a beautiful young girl with a sizable rack. She has shiny blue eyes, glistening dark hair, and a really cute innocent face. She usually wears her school uniform and she likes to take off all her clothes when she’s alone in her room.

21. Isuzu Sento, Amagi Brilliant Park

Isuzu Sento

Now we’re at my favorite anime girl of all time, Isuzu Sento is truly my dream girl of all time. From the moment I saw her and heard her dubbed voice. I absolutely fell in love with her. She appears from the first episode holding a fancy musket toward our beloved MC asking him on a date. Now that’s the kinda woman I like, who will do anything to get what she wants.

Sento has a quiet personality and she never hesitates to use her magical musket. She often has a hard time understanding the jokes and reacting to them, she finds it hard to smile almost being emotionless. The only two expressions you will find on her face are angry or nervous and she has difficulty expressing herself which most of us can relate to.

Isuzu is a young hot anime girl with fair skin and a slim physique in her late teens, she has golden-brown hairs that reach down to her thighs and tied into a ponytail with her black n white ribbon. Sento has a voluptuous figure and is stacked on the top if you know what I mean.

22. Hotaru Shidare, Dagashi Kashi

Hotaru Shidare

Hotaru is the main female lead of the show Dagashi Kashi which is all about the love for candies and tons of information regarding them. Hotaru is the daughter of a candy manufacturer and wishes to make the best candy in the world. She lived in a city before traveling to a suburban town, she first stops by a Shikada candy shop and meets Kokonotsu who finds her really attractive.

She has a cheerful and kinda silly personality but she gets really serious when it comes to candy and sweets. She has quite a lot of information regarding different candies of different eras and what purpose it serves. Since she’s the daughter of a candy manufacturer she has a deep passion for it.

She’s a beautiful and exciting young woman, she has purple/lilac hairs down to her shoulders and very unique blue eyes she always wears red nail polish. She has a really slim figure with a well-endowed bosom. She is definitely a hook, when you start watching the show you will know what I mean.

23. Sakura Hibiki, How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift

Sakura Hibiki

I myself am a gym lover, and I do love myself as a girl who loves doing exercise. Sakura Hibiki is the main female protagonist of the show and as the title of the show suggests, she is a regular member at the Silverman gym and exercises daily. She joined the gym because she wanted a sweet and sexy body for the summer break which wouldn’t look embarrassing in a bikini.

Sakura is a food junky. She loves to eat junk food, She gets easily motivated thinking about the end results. She decided to join the Silverman gym after realizing she had gained much weight and worried she wouldn’t look attractive over the summer break.

She’s a tanned skin beauty with blonde hairs reaching down to her thighs, she styles them in two ponytails, she has blue-ish green eyes, Hibiki has quite a pudgy figure which is quite sexy in my opinion. During her gym time, she wears a black tank top and red track shorts.

24. Bishamonten, Noragami


I know we all can agree on this beauty queen, Bishamon is definitely on the high list of girls who are gorgeous and sexy both while maintaining a leader authority which is so hot i.e. Rias Gremory.

Noragami is a show about gods fighting the evil in the world and maintaining peace, Bishamon is among the seven gods of fortune and her title is the Goddess of War.

Bishamon is shown to be quite ruthless as a goddess of war should be, she is quite generous to her Shinki. Due to her past when she couldn’t protect her loyal servants, she accepts any lost or troubled spirit into her family whether they are useful or not.

Bishamon is a flawless beauty, she has a slim figure and fair skin, she has exceptionally long blond hair that reaches down to her feet, she has purple eyes with snake-like pupils. Her battle attire is all black and quite sexy and she uses a whip oof.

25. Hestia, Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?


Goddess Hestia is the main female lead of the series, she’s among the many gods and goddesses that dwell within the human realm and maintain their authority. She’s the head of the Hestia Familia

Hestia is a kind and caring goddess always full of energy and quite a hard worker but she also does have a lazy side to her.

She’s a cute and petite goddess with youthful energy, she has blue eyes and long back hairs reaching down to her thighs. Her outfit is quite uptight which reveals her curves. She’s also deeply in love with Bell Cranel.

Now let’s move to our favorite useless goddess

26. Aqua, KonoSuba


Most of you know her as the useless goddess, but for me!. For me, she is known as the amazing water goddess who can do party tricks because that is amazing on its own.

She’s cute and a really sexy goddess, who loves drinking, partying, and being lazy all day, so she already has a lot of things in common with us.

27. Ristarte, The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious


Ristarte or Rista is the main female lead of the show and among the many gods and goddesses living in the divine realm. She is the goddess of healing and is given the task to save an S rank world with the help of a hero she wishes to summon.

Rista is an extremely beautiful goddess with glistening long blonde hairs which reach down to her hips, she wears a blue ribbon on her hairs as well. She wears a divine attire that leaves her shoulder and legs completely revealed and partially covering her buxom.

28. Yukana Yame, My First Girlfriend is a Gal

Yukana Yame

Yukana is the main female lead of the show, she is first shown to be an average stereotypical “gal” as perceived by the main protagonist of the show Junichi Hashiba. The story begins when Junichi asks her out on a date. At first, he was just doing this to lose his virginity but later he truly falls for her.

You might think that a girl like Yukana is just some gal and you couldn’t be more wrong. She has a really caring personality and a deep understanding of people’s feelings. She always does whatever she can to help Junichi feel at ease… with the occasional tease of course.

29. Ranko Honjo, My First Girlfriend is a Gal

Ranko Honjo

Ranko is definitely the most desirable and sexy anime girl from this show, she is the childhood friend of Yukana Yame and has a little crush on her as well.

Seeing her first might give you the impression of her being a lewd girl with indecent behavior and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong about that but she does have high standards. She cares deeply for her childhood friend Yuakana and will do anything to make her happy.

Ranko has tanned skin, bleached blonde hair down to her shoulders, and shiny purple eyes. She wears quite the sexy outfits exposing her large buxom and belly which is enough to turn me on.

30. Amaya Haruko, Maken-Ki!

Amaya Haruko

Although the show Maken-Ki! It is full of gorgeous and hot anime girls, if you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend that you do. I believe you will find it quite amusing.

Amaya Haruko is the main female protagonist of the series, also the vice president of the student council committee at Tenbi Academy and the childhood friend of Takeru, whom she’s been in love with since they were kids. She shares a room with him along with another competitor for Takeru’s love.

She is quite the popular beauty in the entire school, she’s shown to be the idol and crush of many guys and even girls look up to her due to her kindness. She is very modest, often praising others and underestimating herself.

She has quite the curvaceous figure and a well endowed buxom, she has long dark purple hair reaching down to her waist, she has light blue eyes and a lovely smile on her face.

31. Aki Nijou, Maken-Ki!

Aki Nijou hot and sexy

Ah. the school nurse, we all have once fallen in love with the school nurse, you know the feeling of being in a safe place alone with someone who is there to take care of you if you say you haven’t felt that way I call nonsense. 

Miss Aki is the lovely school nurse at Tenbi Academy and the advisor of the current student council committee. She is quite popular among the boys of the school mainly due to her klutziness where she is revealing her private clothing, such as her panties.

She has a lovely and sweet personality where she is very kind to all of the staff members as well as the students. Miss Aki is a very tall and gorgeous young woman in her late 20s. She has a very curvaceous figure and a huge bust. She wears very revealing clothes such as her strapless top which exposes much of her cleavage and the short skirt which is always lifted whenever she stretches.

32. Yoko Littner, Gurren Lagann

Yoko littner

Yoko is the main female protagonist of the show, she’s from the underground neighbouring village of Jeeha. She’s quite heavily equipped with firearms with a high skill set, her main weapon is a sniper.

She’s quite the smart young lady and a full-fledged survivor, she has a kind and caring personality but sometimes she gets angry with uncooperative people. And when I say “young” I mean she’s 14.

Her outfit in the show is quite exposing consisting of a lone bikini top with red flame patterns and black shorts, long pink socks, and cowboy boots. And of course her sniper rifle.

Now that you have finished the list:

some of you might not be satisfied with my top picks for the hot anime girls so why not check the top picks from other popular websites. also, I would like to thank them because they were somewhat my sources and inspiration.

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I would love to know what you think about it? I apologize if I missed some of your favorite hot anime girls but I couldn’t list more than 2 girls from each anime. So, here are the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

[su_list icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#ff690c” indent=”25″ class=”div { font-size-adjust: 1.58; }”]

  • Nico Robin (One Piece)
  • The Elementario (Amagi Brilliant Park
  • Sister Iris (Fire Force)
  • Darkness (KonoSuba)
  • Inaho Kushiya (Maken-Ki!)
  • Chacha Akaza (Maken-Ki!)



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