Baki Season 4: Release Date, Trailer, Plot And New Character You Need to Know

Netflix dropped season 3 of Baki on 4th June with 13 episodes and It was definitely worth the wait. Now fans are hyped because Baki season 4 season is suspected to be out on September 2020.

Baki the anime is a popular anime series that is based on a manga ‘Baki the Grappler‘ by Keisuke Itagaki, with having multiple animes already under its name. The franchise has been around almost three decades with the initial debut of the manga in 1991 and 2 seasons of the original anime adaptation “Baki the Grappler” in 2001.

Baki Season 4: Release Date

Season 3 of Baki has been officially released on Netflix with 13 episodes as we all expected. Japan is the first country that received all the 26 episodes week to week available on Netflix Japan, while for the global audience it is split where the first 13 episodes count as season three which have been released, and the rest of the episodes are expected to release on September 2020.

Baki Season 4: Netflix Renewal Status

Baki fans are overjoyed since the renewal status for the season 3 and 4 was confirmed thanks to the official Baki twitter account on 19th March 2019.

Latest confirmation I received was on 5th March 2020, regarding the news that the central TMS Entertainment would be returning to produce the official second season with a new art director and character designer

Baki Season 4: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga Trailer

Season 3 official trailer is out and it is freaking amazing. check out their official Youtube channel and stay connected regarding more news incoming from their official website or just check back here, we will keep this post updated.

Where can I watch Baki?

Baki season 3 is available to stream at Netflix Official Website which came out on 4th June 2020.

Baki season 4 is suspected to be out on September 2020.

You can also watch Baki on a free anime streaming websites check-out this list to help you decide which one is the best for you right here

Can we expect season 4?

Yes! the first 26 episodes were considered a complete season in japan but globally they were listed as season 1 and season 2 each containing 13 episodes. and since the other 26 episodes are officially announced, season 3 and season 4 will each receive 13 episodes.

Baki: The plot (Synopsis)

Baki Hanma is the son of Yujino Hanma, the strongest man living on the earth feared by countries he is a one-man army capable of dismantling huge military operations with his fists alone. As Baki travels the whole world improving his fighting skills to one day being able to defeat his father who murdered his mother when he was no older than 15.

His mother Emi Akezawa was a wealthy rich woman who was madly in love with Yujiro hanma. She does everything in her power to train baki and turn him into the world’s strongest warrior as his father demands it. Baki was born or I should say bred to be the strongest warrior after his father.

Many fights Baki faced during his journey to becoming the greatest grappler has been brutal and deadly with him experiencing many close to death encounters but he always managed to come on top and became the strongest underground fighter in the world.

Before he starts celebrating his victory, 5 of the deadliest and brutal death-row inmates have escaped from around the world who claim they are looking for “Defeat” which means they are looking for a worthy warrior who can defeat them. which I find hilarious because they do not wish to fight fair or equal.

Is Baki Dead?

No, baki is still alive and kicking even tho he had many close to death encounters but baki have always managed to win against every one of his opponents.


I won’t lie to you, this anime has it’s flawed, but art and the animation were beautiful. The scenery, the sunset, the character designs have been improved allot since the original baki the grappler in 2001.

The animation, however, was on a whole other level, it was really noticeable in many of the fights scenes, the animation was spectacular to look at, very eye-catching and smooth. Thought the whole anime has many great fight scenes and solely based on the art/animation of the scenes.

However, for me personally it was a huge step up from the original baki the grappler anime from 2001. I had great expectations jumping into the Netflix version but I was really disappointed. Maybe I had some really high expectations.

Sound/Voice Acting


So far all of the opening and ending have been spectacular and super amazing I have been amazed and really feel in love with all of them.

Opening 1 being “BEASTFUL” by GRANRODEO – which was truly a worthy opening to celebrate the revival of Baki.

Ending 1 was “RESOLVE” by Azusa Tadokoro – what an amazing surprise you don’t often see both the opening and ending be so amazing I didn’t skip them even once.

The 2nd opening is “The Gong of Knockout” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – the moment you listen to this op its instant hype, so amazing and lively. the same band played the opening for parasyte -the maxim.

Ending 2 is “BEAUTIFUL BEAST” by DEVIL NO ID – compared to the rest, this one doesn’t hold a candle but still pretty good.

Baki: Characters

Baki Hanma

The protagonist of the show Baki Hanma is an excellent fighter and who was born to be the greatest warrior alive, someone, who could surpass his father Yujiro Hanma. His entire life has been a struggle and hardships set by his father. his entire life has been dedicated to training his mind and body, at age 15 he fought many opponents from gangsters to professional boxer and trainer assassins and he always won. Although Baki is a great fighter but most of all he is a great son.

Yujiro Hanma

The greatest warrior alive on earth, the unstoppable force, the man who is considered a one-man, army capable of destroying entire military bases alone, someone who can never be defeated by another fighter, there isn’t someone alive who could challenge Yujiro Hanma. He is a Demon who only knows how to kill, he is The King.

We do not know any origin story of Yujiro’s childhood but only that he was considered the world’s strongest by the time he was 16 and he was welcomed by the Military to join them and be an ally, not an enemy.

kaoru hanayama

Kaoru Hanayama is a 20 years old yakuza boss, he is quiet and a deadly fighter, he is proud of his Hanayama name and his code of honor is to never fall even when faced with defeat to honor the man who protected the last heir to the Hanayama clan with his life. He is a warrior who fights with his brute force. Each blow carries enough weight to tear asunder any man that stands in his way.

Doppo Orochi

A very experienced fighter who has devoted his entire life to his shinshinkai karate and polishing his current skills to a point where he can stand toe to toe with Yujiro hanma the king himself.


baki season 4 enjoyment

This anime is super addicting to since I’m a huge sucker for action, body improvement, martial-arts, and sports, it’s really fun to watch to fighters battle it out.

However the explanation after every punch or a dodge or a special skill just pisses me off so much, it’s fine if you explain a basic move which is do-able in the real world I’m all for it, but what is the reasoning behind explaining made up technique, such as “the void” and there’s more I just can’t remember to name them.

Since season 3 has finally arrived and we know season 4 will be here sometime soon I am really excited about it, I can’t wait to see what happens next season.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, please comment and let me know what do you think about the show.

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