Why Horimiya Is Going to Be The Best Romance Anime? My Review

horimiya review

Horimiya might just be the most popular romance anime airing in winter 2021.

My First Impression of the show exceeded my expectations. It’s a wonderful Rom-com anime that did not waste multiple episodes in introducing us the two main characters.

I noticed the hype around the show from so many people who liked the manga so I was going with high hopes and not gonna lie, I’m not disappointed. Everything about the show is just wonderful.

The male MC isn’t so dense that it makes you hate him and not so casual that he looks like a sleazeball, I absolutely love the art style of the show I am definitely gonna stick with this and see how it goes.

Everyone is already going crazy in expressing how much they enjoyed the show and how wholeheartedly they have been waiting for this anime to arrive and after seeing the first episode I can say for certain it’s just gonna rise in popularity as you can see the ratings on MyAnimeList are already quite high.

I’ve seen many Romcom anime over the years and I can say for certain that this show has the potential to become the best rom-com anime of 2021.

Lets Start the Review


Umair Shahid

I love sports anime and love writing about them.

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